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Let your setback be your comeback

Today I want to encourage you to have the mindset of a champion and a conqueror. After listening to a video clip today “UNBROKEN” a few things came to mind that I want to share with you. We all go through our own battles in life and everything isn’t always as easy and perfect as it seems. Somewhere someone might be going through a tough time or just need a word of encouragement facing a difficult time. I strongly believe that there is no better exercise for your heart than to reach down to others and lift them up, and this is the reason for posting today.

I want to encourage you today to have the confidence to follow your heart <3. It is time for you to start believing in yourself again. No matter how small or how big the challenge I want to encourage you to #ChallengeYourself. In life, in work, in your relationships, with your goals but most of all your personal life. For once focus on YOUrself.  Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown your inner voice. Find out what it is that you LOVE and have the courage to follow your heart <3. You will have some ups and downs and that is normal and part of this amazing journey. Don’t allow a setback to be the reason to give up. Let your setback be the platform of your comeback, you will be stronger if you learn from it! Most give up on themselves way to soon or just before the breakthrough. Don’t let your current situation derail your focus on the life that is destined for YOU.

YOU are unique, fearfully and wonderfully made.

The real challenge of growth mentally, spiritually and emotionally comes when you get knocked down. It takes courage to get back up when life knocks you down but it will be worth it.

Don’t stand still at the could haves and the would haves if it should have, it would have…

Fear kills hope, fear kills passion and I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, break down the boundaries of {I can’t} that is so set in your mind and start living YOUR LIFE, YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR WAY.

STOP fearing and start dreaming. Don’t let your emotions rule you it is time to take charge over your emotions and thoughts, you can discipline your emotions.  So the next time fear comes knocking at your door you better not open…Before you speak something negative think about it and speak positive!

replace fear

Proverbs 18:21 Amplified Bible (AMP)
21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it [for death or life].

Change is NOT EASY if it was everybody would do it BUT I’m telling you if you take control YOU WILL MAKE IT. You will be stronger & better. Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or make you happy. You will value your worth and respect yourself enough to live life with passion & drive.

Forget about yesterday come on people – It is NOW that matters, NOW NOW NOW!!!

You can – you will – You are a conqueror…LIVE YOUR LIFE PASSIONATELY

Much love,

Claudine K

It is all about the journey…

My topic today is: It is all about the journey…

HEALTH | FITNESS | LOVE | COMMITMENT | DEDICATION | TEARS | SWEAT | JOY = REWARD – only to mention a few keywords, there is so much to say…

As most of you know I’m prepping for the WBFF South Africa taking place Friday 20th & Saturday 21st June 2014 at Carnival City Casino. This will be my first ever Fitness Stage Bikini Competition and believe me what a journey indeed.

WBFF South Africa


I took a moment to sit down and recap on how far I have come and in the process I realized my deep passion for the sport! From being so unhealthy, fat, low self-esteem to being fit, happy, content, and blessed where I’m at. Some people say but WHERE do I start…Or they think about the duration of the journey to reach their goal and that in itself is discouraging for some BUT today I want to encourage YOU!

Take the first step, you will never look back!

This sums it up for me:

Working out and eating clean doesn’t have to be a chore, have fun with it…


You have to get the right mindset and stop seeing this as an obligation and a chore, but rather an investment in your health and overall life.

So many moan non stop about their diets, the schlep of working out, prepping food etc…Well I cannot wait to food prep not even to mention my gym hour.

As a single mommy this to me is absolutely necessary. Doing something for myself only for it to be a benefit to my beautiful princess girl. I want to be the kind of mommy to whom she will look up to and see an example of living a healthy lifestyle. I want her to value herself enough to one day take care of her body & mind. I believe with working out and a good nutritional diet there comes a sense discipline and commitment. This I believe will form part of your everyday life whether in your workplace or in an environment surrounded by others. Be an inspiration to yourself first and then to others. Believe in yourself and you’re halfway there.

People ask me how do I get abs, or have time to food prep or go to the gym, or how do I get the time with a 1 year old girl? Well I make time and prioritize and set boundaries with certain things in my life!!

Well let me tell you it is all about consistency. I have abs all year round, why? Because this is my lifestyle this is part of who I am. I don’t believe in quick fix diets etc and I don’t see my lifestyle as being on a diet. I love my food and I make sure I fuel my body with the best. And yes of course I cheat and have sweets and the occasional night out partying but AGAIN its about consistency. No matter what I stay to my routine and I will be in gym the following day. Stop condemning yourself for the bad choices you make. Get up and go on…

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” Lao Tzu

Make it fun and love the journey…

This is some of the pics of my journey the last month or two…

Let me start at the beginning – This little beauty is my little princess. She is what my life is about. I live, breath and do EVERYTHING for her. I strive to be the BEST EVERY single day.


This is what my life is about…LOVE this angel with my life

Secondly I want to share my excitement that I my sponsorship with USN Ultimate Sports Nutrition has been extended for another year. I’m so grateful to be part of the USN family and so passionate about the brand. I believe in the best and only the best and this is the ONLY Supplements that I use…

Thank you USN for an amazing 3+ years I am honored to represent the Brand. Visit the website or please do ask if you need more information:

I adjust my supplement plan as I go along to form part of my goal.



My monthly supplement supply. Blessed to be sponsored by the best!

The beginning of my journey to WBFF…


All about dedication & having fun in the process..

week 1&2

My food prep for week 1 & 2


I lift & squat bro…Love my new training vests…


Then the USN Gala Evening – This was the high-lite of my evening when I had the honor of meeting Bella Falconi. Wow she is a true inspiration. Again an athlete who breaths success and who is a true example of consistency.


Myself and Bella Falconi – She is such an inspiration.

This is my current progress on the ABS – I’m going for 8 😉 so lets see how the definition goes along as my diet gets adjusted













































Then thank you for each and every one of my Blog & Facebook & Instagram & Twitter followers. There is so many amazing people that I got to meet over time and I appreciate each one of you. If you havent followed me yet please do so @ClaudineKidson

Every comment, every like, every share, every Inbox message is what makes this journey even more rewarding. I want you to be the best version of yourself.

Good-luck to all those prepping for shows – Be YOUR best!

Have a super amazing Easter Weekend and don’t overindulge more than you can handle 😉 Stay fit and think fit…


Decided to share…

Hey everyone,

Allot of people ask me about what protein/carbohydrate/fruit options did I have during my transformation challenge etc.

So I decided to compile these to maybe give you a guideline on the options you can use!

Remember one thing – You must never see this as a diet – This will only set you up to fear failure or believing that it is to hard to achieve!

Get your mind in the right place first – I can give you my word this is the only reason I could succeed in this was by seeing it in a different perspective! It makes it so much easier I promise!

Living a healthy life is not that difficult, you can still enjoy your food and love what you eat!

Let me know what you think or if this can help you.

Remember I have a passion for what I do and would love to share it with you. So if you have any suggestions let me know and we can compile something awesome!

Have a super Tuesday!



Get back to the things you love!

Ok friends I know I have been quiet and you must think I disappeared from the earth but hey I haven’t and I am still here…

How are you guys doing?

I have been busy busy busy this last few weeks! To be honest I think over committed will be the right word to use. I also got side tracked by not being focussed enough but those days are over and its time to refocus and recommit.

I’m the one preaching on keeping focussed and then I fail at times as well. I can paint pictures here of the ideal 100% lean diet and never failing but that will NOT be the truth and I will only lie to myself 😉

Things do get tough at times but we just HAVE to get up and try again. For some reason we are always easy to feel condemned or to be extremely hard on ourselves that we sometimes feel like failures before we even start!

Have you felt this way before – I want to encourage you today to put those thoughts behind you and lets get working on a healthier lifestyle and mindset “most important”.

Yes we will at times give in to temptation – but don’t let this take over your mind and shift your focus from where you’re heading at…

If you snack/have a sweet or whatever the case might be stop refocus and let the next choice be a healthier one. Don’t see one cheat or failure as “Oh well I messed up today I might as well go on and start fresh tomorrow / Monday!! Its normally the crap you put into your mouth after the one thing you initially craved that is what messes up.

This is what I’m keeping myself busy with:

I joined a challenge: 10KM Challenge Program from Shape Magazine – Why don’t you join me, this program will help you to correctly train for that first 10km mark…

Do you know what running can do for you? Click on the link to read the article and be sure you will make the decision to start running 😉

Pointers on what running can do for:

– Keeps wrinkles at bay

– Makes you happy

– Controls cholesterol

– Helps eliminate cellulite

– Leads to better sex

– Boosts your immunity

– Keeps you young

– Burns off the kilograms

– Lengthens your life

– Gives you energy

– Strengthens your bones

– Makes you clever

– Helps you sleep better

– Builds confidence

Who needs more facts to convince you on incorporating some running into your program?

Who wants to join me on this challenge? Click on the link to register I did!

Then I enrolled for a Sports Nutrition and Supplementation Course

This is so interesting and I’m learning something new every day. The body is an amazing thing and to keep it correctly fuelled is so important.

The reason I started this course is that I want to know as much there is to know about nutrition. I want to know how the body works and what is required on a daily basis. I just reached a point where I am tired of asking others what is clean/healthy/ good options to have. I want to be the one in the position assisting others to know what is a good balance…

So this takes allot of effort to make time for but all worth it I believe!

Then my hobby and passion…Time came to get that camera out of the bag and time to take some photies…

I got a new baby to my collection and cant wait to get into Photography again. Even though Photography was a main subject when doing my degree with a added part time diploma course I did – This is definitely not enough to stay into the game…

Photography is something that must be part of you, you must be creatively inspired to see compositions and by being inspired and driven with the passion and the love of it!

I haven’t taken photos for months and I just realized how much I have missed it. I really want to spend more time behind the lens and to make a point to capture those beautiful things I sometimes can carry over through words only…

What is your passion or hobby or what do you love doing?

Do you still spend time doing what you love most or are you so busy with work, family organizing the kids, gymming that you don’t make time for it??

Get back into it – Doing what you love doing is a great way of getting rid of stress etc.

Share your hobbies here would love to know what you do to keep busy 😉

Their is so much more I’m busy with at the moment but no time to bore you with all that…

What is my message for the day?

If you failed get back up.

Look deep within your heart and get back to the deep need for the things you enjoy in life.

Make time for yourself

Focus on YOUR wellbeing

Strive everyday to be the best you could be

Make the right choices

And last but not least and this is for myself:

LEARN to control your mind and thoughts and don’t give in to the things that is not worth giving into. Don’t be an emotional eater. You are stronger than that.

Come on lets do this.

To a healthy journey ahead!

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