How to start?

How to start?

The program teaches you how to make small changes to improve your lifestyle and end result. The way in which you approach the Challenge plays a huge role in how you adapt to and embrace the changes.

Follow the essential points below in preparation for the next 12 weeks:

#1 Be Prepared

Make sure that you have an insulated cooler bag and BPA-free microwave safe containers to carry your prepared meals in. Use a USN BPA-free water bottle to keep you hydrated when you are on the go.

Make sure that your gym wear and training gear is ready. Training clothes, shoes and a kit bag are essential to make sure that you don’t compromise and find excuses to skip your training sessions.

#2 Plan, Shop and Cook in Advance

Before you start the USN Body Makeover Challenge, make sure that you have stock-piled your fridge and cupboards with the necessary foods needed to stick to your eating plan of 5-6 smaller meals daily.

Try to avoid shopping on a daily basis as this leaves less time for preparation, exercise and recovery. Do a weekly shop on your off-days, and plan your meals for the week ahead.

#3 Understand your Training

Exercise routines can be overwhelming, especially if you are inexperienced. Make time to research the programme, and understand training principles. It is very important that you train at the correct weight, with good form and function to improve your results and minimise the risk of injury.

During the 12 weeks, make sure that you monitor your adaptation to exercise and adjust your training intensity accordingly. Refer to the “Training Plans” for a demonstration of the required exercises.

#4 Be Consistent

Make time to ensure that you are consistent with your lifestyle approach to training, meals, supplements, recovery and hydration. The only way to compound results is to continually do the right things during your Body Makeover Challenge.

#5 Water Intake is Key

Remember to stay hydrated. Consume at least 8-10 glasses of water during the course of the day.

#6 Measure your Progress

Don’t only focus on the scale – the best way to keep track of your weightloss progression is to have your body fat % measured on a weekly basis. Only Week 1, 6 & 12’s measurements are compulsory though.

The USN Body Makeover Starter Pack is the kickstart to your Challenge, but it doesn’t end there. Go to our Ask the Experts page or e-mail should you have further questions.

These products represent the core USN weight control stack to help you with your 12 Week Makeover. More info on the Starter pack here. Numerous supporting USN products can be used to enhance and accelerate your weight-loss results. Refer to the Weight-loss category page or Eating plan (see Downloads link) for more products.
  1. Hi Claudine! Well done on your success!
    I’ve always had a bit of a weight problem always being about 10kg’s heavier than my ideal weight. And I find that once i hit my plateau I can’t get below it without eating very strictly but end up starving and I eat one wrong thing and my weight is back up. I gym regularly, drink water and try to eat the best way possible. I just would like to know what you recommend? I’ve been wanting to do the USN challenge but with me being a student funds are a bit limited but was thinking of taking the Phedra cut ultra XT and the CLA 1000? I want to build muscle as I need to be strong for what I am studying. I stay in Plettenberg Bay. Thanks for your help and really amazing advice!


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