Measurements will be done every second week to track my progress. This is a good way to really see your results. Measurements is done with a Caliper at a Biokinetic.

Some advice: Throw out the scales…

If you have a bathroom scale you should pack it away for now, I know I know it’s hard but weight does not accurately reflect your level of fitness and you can easily get discouraged if you don’t see instant results in weight loss. Measure body fat rather that only the weight.

Make a date whether it is every second Thursday or once a week, this will motivate you to work hard and to look forward to see your results. I do my measurements at a qualified biokineticist.

Remember: Each one have a different approach/goal and what is an acceptable weight or fat percentage for me can differ from your end goal, some may say oh but what is wrong with your weight etc but remember I know my body and how it is suppose to look. I am short as well so I look chubby before I know it.

Measuring up.jpg

  1. Hi what method are you using to measure your body fat percentage?


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