Get back to the things you love!

Ok friends I know I have been quiet and you must think I disappeared from the earth but hey I haven’t and I am still here…

How are you guys doing?

I have been busy busy busy this last few weeks! To be honest I think over committed will be the right word to use. I also got side tracked by not being focussed enough but those days are over and its time to refocus and recommit.

I’m the one preaching on keeping focussed and then I fail at times as well. I can paint pictures here of the ideal 100% lean diet and never failing but that will NOT be the truth and I will only lie to myself 😉

Things do get tough at times but we just HAVE to get up and try again. For some reason we are always easy to feel condemned or to be extremely hard on ourselves that we sometimes feel like failures before we even start!

Have you felt this way before – I want to encourage you today to put those thoughts behind you and lets get working on a healthier lifestyle and mindset “most important”.

Yes we will at times give in to temptation – but don’t let this take over your mind and shift your focus from where you’re heading at…

If you snack/have a sweet or whatever the case might be stop refocus and let the next choice be a healthier one. Don’t see one cheat or failure as “Oh well I messed up today I might as well go on and start fresh tomorrow / Monday!! Its normally the crap you put into your mouth after the one thing you initially craved that is what messes up.

This is what I’m keeping myself busy with:

I joined a challenge: 10KM Challenge Program from Shape Magazine – Why don’t you join me, this program will help you to correctly train for that first 10km mark…

Do you know what running can do for you? Click on the link to read the article and be sure you will make the decision to start running 😉

Pointers on what running can do for:

– Keeps wrinkles at bay

– Makes you happy

– Controls cholesterol

– Helps eliminate cellulite

– Leads to better sex

– Boosts your immunity

– Keeps you young

– Burns off the kilograms

– Lengthens your life

– Gives you energy

– Strengthens your bones

– Makes you clever

– Helps you sleep better

– Builds confidence

Who needs more facts to convince you on incorporating some running into your program?

Who wants to join me on this challenge? Click on the link to register I did!

Then I enrolled for a Sports Nutrition and Supplementation Course

This is so interesting and I’m learning something new every day. The body is an amazing thing and to keep it correctly fuelled is so important.

The reason I started this course is that I want to know as much there is to know about nutrition. I want to know how the body works and what is required on a daily basis. I just reached a point where I am tired of asking others what is clean/healthy/ good options to have. I want to be the one in the position assisting others to know what is a good balance…

So this takes allot of effort to make time for but all worth it I believe!

Then my hobby and passion…Time came to get that camera out of the bag and time to take some photies…

I got a new baby to my collection and cant wait to get into Photography again. Even though Photography was a main subject when doing my degree with a added part time diploma course I did – This is definitely not enough to stay into the game…

Photography is something that must be part of you, you must be creatively inspired to see compositions and by being inspired and driven with the passion and the love of it!

I haven’t taken photos for months and I just realized how much I have missed it. I really want to spend more time behind the lens and to make a point to capture those beautiful things I sometimes can carry over through words only…

What is your passion or hobby or what do you love doing?

Do you still spend time doing what you love most or are you so busy with work, family organizing the kids, gymming that you don’t make time for it??

Get back into it – Doing what you love doing is a great way of getting rid of stress etc.

Share your hobbies here would love to know what you do to keep busy 😉

Their is so much more I’m busy with at the moment but no time to bore you with all that…

What is my message for the day?

If you failed get back up.

Look deep within your heart and get back to the deep need for the things you enjoy in life.

Make time for yourself

Focus on YOUR wellbeing

Strive everyday to be the best you could be

Make the right choices

And last but not least and this is for myself:

LEARN to control your mind and thoughts and don’t give in to the things that is not worth giving into. Don’t be an emotional eater. You are stronger than that.

Come on lets do this.

To a healthy journey ahead!

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  1. Can totally relate! Had such a bad weekend eating wise! Doing Jamie Eason Livefit. Had a slab of 70% dark chocolate in phase 1 and again in phase 2 (last week of it). Not to mention the fruit OD and a ton of cheese. Really is a slippery slope after 1 wrong turn. So upset with myself! Not worth the bloat, fatigue and guilt! Had such a food hangover today! Hard to get over it! Especially after working so hard in the gym and dropping the ball on nutrition. 5 weeks to go! Can only vow to make better choices next time! Whoop-whoop! Here we go… 🙂


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