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Expresso Show SABC 3 Interview

I had so much fun with the Expresso Team and with USN. It is amazing that I had the opportunity to share my story with you and I truly hope that I can encourage or motivate you to become the best you could be.

You are so beautiful within and what a added bonus to feel super from inside and outside!

Know that it is possible – It will be hard but it is NOT that hard once you make it a lifestyle and a goal to achieve.

Have a super day…


Ever wondered about your protein shake?

Please advice: I am on Day 27 of the Challenge I’m female and was wondering about my protein shake. My PURE PROTEIN IGF-9 is almost finished and I don’t know what to buy next. Don’t know the difference between 100% Whey Protein / Pure Protein IGF-9 / PURE PROTEIN HYDRO-6 IGF-1. Will you advice. I drink this after my gym session in the morning with my oats and sometimes before bed 1 scoop if I had 2 training sessions. I do have my normal Diet Fuel shakes through the day. Claudine

USN SA – Ultimate Sports Nutrition

Hi, thank you for your post

You late evening shake should be a complex protein (6 proteins) such as USN Pure Protein IGF-1 (both IGF-9 and Hydro-6 have bed discontinued, but may be available in the trade for a short period of time until stocks sell out). This complex protein source digests over a longer period of time, ensuring that you protect your lean muscle tissue during your sleep cycle, preventing catabolism and enhancing recovery.

100% Whey Protein is a fast digesting (2 protein source) supplement that can be used immediately upon waking, with breakfast, as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack during the last 4 weeks of the Challenge and as a post-workout snack to enhance recovery. It is very versatile as a product because of its varied use, however, it should not be taken pre-bed because it can affects tryptophan uptake and the high BCAA content in the blood-brain barrier that may have a negative effect on your sleep cycle.

Regards, Gareth

Journal day 15: 1 September 2011

Measurement day:

Today was measurement day and I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was so sure about the hard work I’ve put in but there were still that small doubt in the back of my head. We are sometimes so afraid of disappointments or sometimes even to hard on ourselves!

Well the measurement session went well, or I think so :-). I am happy with the progress so far and will keep up the hard work. I cant wait to see a definite change in my body. To start toning and getting into the shape I always wanted to be in, but we have to be patient because good things takes time…Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.

Before we know it our 12 weeks will be over and we can start to enjoy the new lifestyle and to focus on maintaining the figure you’ve always dreamed about!

This is how my day looked like:

Wake up 2 Phedra cut ultra (Whoop whoop no more stimulant free for 5 days)

Gym: Morning Session – General Cardio – Abs, Rowing, Stepper
Gym: 5:48 am
Calories: 350 kcal
Calculated fat: 26%
Duration: 51min
Average heart: 147 Maximum: 177
Fitness and maximum performance improving

Breakfast Meal 1:
1 Pack Oatso Easy with water

After breakfast:
2 CLA 1000

Mid-morning meal 2
1 Serving Diet Fuel
Small Naartjie

30 minutes before lunch: 2 Phedra cut Ultra XT’s

Lunch meal 3:
Half tin tuna with lite mayo mixed in
3 Cherie tomatoes

After lunch:
2 CLA 1000

15:00 – Diet fuel shake – 1 Serving

16:00 – 1 Phedra cut Ultra xt
Small Naartjie

Chicken Stir fry (was not great steamed so did not eat much)
Small Naartjie

Gym: Evening – Action Netball
Gym: 17:34
Calories: 275 kcal
Calculated fat: 22%
Duration: 42 min
Average heart: 145 Maximum: 193
Maximum performance improving

Spring is here…

Journal day 14: 31 August 2011

Wake up: 2 Phedra Cut SF

Gym Morning :
Calories: 178 kcal
Calculated fat: 42%
Duration: 48 min
Average heart: 119 Maximum: 153
Fat burn improving

Breakfast Meal 1:
1 Packet of Oatso Easy
5 Almonds

2x CLA Green Tea Capsules

Mid-morning meal 2
1 Small Green Apple
1 Serving Diet Fuel Ultralean

30 min before lunch 3 Phedra cut SF

Lunch meal 3:
90g Lean Mince (90% lean)
1 Cup Mixed Veggies – Stir fry

After lunch:
2 CLA Green Tea Capsules

16:30 – Diet Fuel Ultra lean shake

Before Dinner: 3 x Phedra cut SF

Gym Evening : Cardio
Calories: 317 kcal
Calculated fat: 28%
Duration: 51 min
Average heart: 141 Maximum: 170
Fitness and maximal performance improving

100g Lean mince (90%)
Mixed Stir fry Veggies with peppers and mushrooms in
Cherry Tomatoes
Cucumber wheels

After dinner:
2 x CLA Green Tea

Was a awesome day but cant wait to be back on the Phedra Cut XT’s tomorrow!

Tomorrow is measurement day and I am so nervous for some reason…Will keep you posted.

USN – Body & Lifestyle 29 AUG 2011 Expresso TV Clip

Healthy living…

Healthy Living - USN 12 Week Challenge

The beginning of something new…

More about myself: My name is Claudine and Im just an ordinary women taking on this fitness 12 week rapid fat loss training plan of USN. This body and lifestyle challenge is all about self improvement and that sounded just like the thing I needed.

Everything started by waking up one morning feeling tired, having nothing to wear (nothing fits) and then to top it all off feeling dull without hardly any self-confidence….

I just realized this is it I have to do something about myself and to get back in to shape.

Since I found out I have a under active thyroid it just became so easy to always blame all my feelings on the thyroid… Yes alot of that made me feel horrible at times, but now my medication is right so no more excuses the time has come to lose all those extra kilos put on in the process.

I bought a USN starter pack today which includes the following:


Essential products and a guide with tips, eating plans, exercise routines.

Passport to entering the competition
CLA 1000 Capsules
Phedra cut XT Capsules
Diet Fuel
Protein Desert

Supplements that I already have:
Pure Protein
CLA Green Tea
Aqua Expel

My supplements corner

I believe success is simply achieved by believing in something wholeheartedly and by having the will to succeed to be a better you.

Join me in this challenge where I will upload all the training plans, eating plans and progress photos starting on 18 August 2011.

I will share my measurements with you and even photos as I go along.

My sister is joining me in the challenge so between the two of us we will keep you posted.

Please ask if there is anything that you would like to know and I will gladly assist with a dive where I can and if I can’t I will make sure I get the right answers from the experts in the field.

Remember to set goals for yourself this will only help you to not lose track of your end goal


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