Wow what a journey its been so far, and as I sit here I cant believe how far I’ve come. I realize now as I’m writing this post that we never make or take the time to actually sit down to think about what we’ve achieved and by giving ourselves the recognition for it – You CAN feel proud about yourself when you reach your goals or when you achieve something personally no matter how big or small it may seem to others. We tend to be so “hard” on ourselves that we sometimes neglect the importance of acknowledging the “ME”.

It is so easy to motivate or compliment or believe in others but do you believe in yourself?!

Take a moment and just recap about how far you’ve come over the last few days, months or years. Whether it is fitness goals / academic achievements / a good report / a promotion at your work / new opportunities given /  starting a new job / becoming a new parent or whatever it is no matter how small or how big acknowledge it for a moment. Today I’m doing just that!

As most of you know I took up the Challenge 12 Weeks ago 20 May 2013 to transform my post pregnancy body! Today I want to admit that I was so afraid of taking up the challenge and for failure of not reaching my goals. There was a time that I didn’t even believe in myself to achieve my goal for in the “natural” with all my circumstances going on it almost seemed impossible! The CANT’S overpowered the CAN’s BUT never the less I did not allow my emotions and my fears to keep me from trying and giving my best! Today I want to encourage you to take on your fears. Whether fear of failure / fear of disappointment / fear of getting hurt / fear of being let down or whatever your fear might be and believe today that you can turn your fear into victory! When you set your mind to it you will achieve it so believe it…Everyday is closer than your yesterday.

I’m sharing the message with you that I have on my heart today: Never never never ever give up on yourself…And whenever you feel like quieting – put your hand over you heart and feel every beat and realize that YOU are alive for a purpose!   

We get so busy in our everyday lives that we sometimes don’t even reflect on our days. We tend to be like “robots” getting up and going through an ordinary day. Today I want to challenge you why not do something EXTRAORDINARY!

Its been a while since I shared my progress but here goes.

Week 10:


Unfortunately I couldn’t get an appointment for my measurements for Week 10 but I managed to get one for Week 11 & 12.

This is Week 11 – Did the measurements yesterday and the progress pic today!


The reason why I share my progress pics is to motivate others where and if possible.


Progress 12 Weeks: Body Transformation Challenge Round 2 Post Pregnancy

Progress 12 Weeks: Body Transformation Challenge Round 2 Post Pregnancy

Week 12

Week 12

Week 12 Measurements

Week 12 Measurements

This is not the end of a healthy and fit lifestyle…The feeling of being back in shape is absolutely amazing and I hope to encourage you to take it on! It is NOT THAT difficult if you have the right mindset.

Believe in yourself.

I have lost 25kg in 7 months and I never ever thought I would see abs again. Thank you to all my amazing followers, all the comments, and support!!!

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Brand and Marketing Manager | Hotel General Manager | BA Graphic Design and; Multimedia | Higher Diploma in Photography | USN Ambassador | Lifestyle Athlete | Trifocus Fitness Academy Ambassador | Studying to become an accredited Life Coach | Busy with Personal Training Diploma | USN 12 Week Challenge Contestant | Proud mother | Passionate about healthy living, being fit and an inspiration to others

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  1. Hi Claudine…. WOWieee…. jy lyk nou beter as die 1ste keer. Jy kan werklik baie trots op jouself wees. My grootste issue is om by die gym te kom… Jy se dat jy jou kind saam gym toe vat? By watter gym is dit, wie kyk dan na haar terwyl jy gym?

    Jy is werklik ‘n inpirasie….


    • Dankie Nicolize baie baie dankie vir jou mooi boodskap :-). My dogtertjie gaan saam my gym toe by Virgin Active – Hulle het Club V fasiliteite waar mens jou babatjie/kinders kan neem vanaf 3maande. Hulle is gekwalifiseerd en kyk baie mooi na haar. Ek maak wel n punt om slegs 45-60min te gym per dag alhoewel hul laat tot 2ure toe. Dit is nou seker nie ideaal nie maar dit is AL wat ek kan doen om ook die tydjie vir myself af te staan!


  2. Claudine, your results of the trainer are amazing!!! GREAT JOB!
    I have such a struggle figuring out my calories!!! I fell into the low-calorie thinking (1200-1300 cals) for a LONG time so I’m constantly struggling to figure out how much I should shoot for to lose weight.
    Do you have any suggestions or maybe you have a post on this? I’m 5’3″ and 135lb….I’d like to get down to 120lb and just see what I look like at that weight. I also workout intensely 5 days a week, just steady state cardio one day, and one rest day. So, clearly 1200-1300 cals doesnt support this exercise level. I just cannot seem to drop the fat! I feel as though I have a good amount of muscle, it’s just hidden under fat haha! Hellllppp!


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