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New year and new goals…

So after a month or 3  “off-season” I’m back and ready for this year more than EVER! Back to “clean” eating & pumped training. Ready to be fit, healthy, strong & toned, are you?!

This is me now :-), don’t look at the hair & make-up cause theres none haha, had a good sweat!

Bring it on

I don’t know if it’s only me but oh my Holidays just make me gain weight! I went all out this holiday and believe me when I say I overindulged in sweets, “good” food NO NOT HEALTHY food 😉 and then of course the more than usual “social” drinking.

I do believe we all let go at some point the question is just will you get back to what is best for you? Do you have any goals or resolutions? I don’t normally have resolutions but I do have goals.

One of them is that I want to be fit to enter a race or two in running and Mountain biking. So I started running again and its GREAT! Going slow but I’m super motivated to get back to where I use to be at and even at a better pace!

Then there is some EXCITING things lined up and I will share them with you as soon as everything is finalised!

Let this be your best year yet. Stick to the plan and don’t be a January / February gym attender, but let this be a year of consistency and dedication. Don’t set unrealistic goals and set yourself up for failure by not achieving them.

Get a plan and stick to the plan…Let everyday be a journey to a healthier & happier you!

Do you have any goals? Please do share them.

Have a super week,


Journal day 31-32: 17-18 September 2011

Hi all I have updated the progress gallery with my 4 week progress pics...

It is amazing how much of a difference it makes to rather look at the progress pics than just looking at yourself in the mirror…

I would advice that you do the same. This will result in you actually seeing where you need work, focus areas etc. I started with some sun bed sessions so you will see the slight difference in skin tone ;-).

And then oh my I can’t believe I  am sharing this with you…I have the 3 biggest “spots/pimples” on my face. I have NEVER in my almost 26 years had a pimple and NOW all of a sudden my face looks like…..What is strange is that it was not like a pimple it was more like a water “thingy” difficult to explain. I am so self-conscious about this…I think it is maybe because of my body that is in a cleansing/detox phase, I don’t know.

In general about the weekend: It was 100% clean eating for me and all my supplements was taken as usual so not going to post that. Yesterday was my rest day and I was working at the lodge yesterday and today!

I decided that I am going to join in on the mountain bike trail with the group this morning and wow it was awesome. I only did 18 km mountain biking with some up hills and dirt road…This was tough for me for I have not done this before and to top everything of the wind was blowing like crazy. It was fun at the end, I enjoyed it!

Mountain Biking
Gym: 7:34 am
Calories: 635 kcal
Calculated fat: 18%
Duration: 1 hour 15 min
Average heart: 159 Maximum: 184
Maximal performance improving

How was your weekend? Oh I did have Sushi yesterday was delicious as always, I just opt for the non mayo sushi :-).

Tomorrow is a new week and new challenges, stay focused and positive. Don’t get discouraged if the progress gets slower. Focus on your gym program/cardio and set a goal for yourself for this week.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon. I am so tired and think I will be in bed early! And if you have popcorn with the 20:00 movie, have it in moderation, popped with extra virgin olive oil 😉

Some pics of the weekend:

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