Bible Journaling

The journey starts here…So this is all new to me but I’m super excited to start this awesome new “hobby”.

Bible Journaling…Have you heard of this before? Well I didn’t even know there is some sort of “bible journaling movement” happening until I saw a Pin one day on Pinterest and it immediately  triggered my creative hidden passion…

So I used to have a passion for journaling or rather studying the word of God. I could never just read a passage without making notes or having my highlighters and notepad close. Taking notes, writing down, highlighting scriptures, drawing or writing big bold words and colouring them in etc. But as time got limited I started to neglect what I enjoy doing, priorities changed, things changed and so I can think of many excuses.

Here it is 🙂 My new Bible:








IMG_9280   IMG_9281 (1)

NOTE: There will be times in life that you feel far away, but you have to remember that God will never neglect you. He will never give up on you or be distant from you. We are the ones that turn away. He is there waiting for your return and He will receive you with open arms. I miss my personal time with God and in the word and what better way to take up my love for studying the word by being creative with my Bible…

SPECIAL time spend with this little princess. My precious baby girl <3.


These are my favourite Bible Journaling supplies so far, the Schneider pens are amazing and they don’t bleed through, Faber Castell watercolour pencils, bostik neon twister highlighters and then my daughters twist crayons… 

IMG_9278 (1).JPG    A1UAPZDivSL._SL1500_.jpg   Bostik_Neon_Twisters_270_x_473 copy.jpg

I’m no artist and you know what that’s okay. It is NOT about the best “artwork” or masterpieces but about your effort and personal relationship with God. Yes there is some beautiful samples on Pinterest etc when you search bible journaling BUT you don’t have to be an artist to do this and don’t compare yourself with others. Just as you don’t have to be PERFECT to be accepted or loved or good enough for God. Don’t wait any longer. We all have flaws and believe me I have ALLOT but start somewhere. With everything in life you have to start SOMEWHERE…ohne2.jpgTherefore the reason I decided to share this post today —> What is it that you love? What is it that you enjoy doing? Do you have hobbies or a passion for something that you neglect doing? Maybe it is time to take out your pen and paper and start writing again. Maybe time to take your camera and go for a walk and capture some of the beauty around you, so what if your first few images are over or under exposed or without depth of field or out of focus – SO WHAT! Maybe it is time to get in your car and go the store and buy the ingredients and bake your favourite cake…Maybe it is time to put on your running shoes and go for a run, even though you can only reach the 300m mark ->JUST DO IT. Whatever it is, I challenge you to MAKE THE TIME and do the little things that bring joy to your soul. Stop waiting for the perfect time or circumstances. Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection always remember that. 

Even my blog. There was a time that I couldn’t wait to post or share my day. Just writing and sharing whatever was on my heart. It wasn’t about how many people will read my post and how “perfect” my writing style is. It was pure for the passion of writing and sharing and reaching out to others, if one or none read my post then so be it. DON’T or STOP complicating things, get back to basics. Forget the voice in the back of your head saying: You’re not good enough, your effort isn’t good enough, you will fail, you don’t have time” or whatever it is that you believed for so long. Get up and get back!

Most important whatever you do do it with PASSION. Give YOUR best. Your best is THE best and that is what is important. Not what others think, say or do.

Please share and tell me more about your hobby / passion?

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ClaudineKidson ❤


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