Beautiful Monday…

Hello all my amazing friends following my blog – Welcome to a new bright and beautiful week – Monday…

How was your weekend? I had a super amazing weekend. There is nothing like spending time with good friends…Had so much laughs, fun and such a great time!

First of all does this sound familiar to you: “I’ll start Monday with my diet”, “I will focus again on Monday” or whatever the sentence or context its used in can you associate with it?

Well I sure can 😉 and believe most of us can – BUT today I want to tell you that no matter what day of the week YOU CAN make healthier choices, even if your day started of being an emotional roller coaster or if you did slip up having that chocolate – Put it behind you and let the next choice be a healthier one getting you closer to reaching your goals!

I can confess today that I have slipped up, majorly not even only a little; but you know what that is the amazing part? You are the one in charge and you CAN make a difference in your life! We all have weaknesses I can tell you that but does everyone admit it?

I’m an emotional eater and whenever I feel down, depressed I reach for sweets…There is nothing that can set you back as much us sweets with high amounts of sugar/corn syrup etc which can also be found in processed foods. You have to pinpoint your weak points and take hold of it and change it…You absolutely do have the power to change and you have the willpower to turn it around. Don’t let it take hold of you. An addiction/bad habit can be anything from smoking, binge eating, exercise abuse, alcohol or whatever leaves you with the feeling of being dependent on “it”!

Conclusion: Take the time today even for 5 minutes and think about the things that is holding you back. Whether in your personal life, your fitness goals, your relationships or just in general. Write it down and start to get a action plan TODAY! Mine is the fact that sweets is like an addiction, once I start I don’t have the power to stop BUT TODAY this will change. I make a declaration to myself that I am stronger than the temptation and I can resist it…

This is another reason I have a blog…Not to put up a front of who I am not but by sharing my imperfections helping others to become their best.

So my promise to myself this week is to say no to sweet cravings/chocolates/sugar. Come on lets stand together and help each other to overcome some obstacles. Is there something that is holding you back today? Lets take 1 day and 1 step at a time.

Hope you have a super fabulous week – Get active – Get into the gym – Eat clean – Work hard – Smile – Be positive – Love your body – Don’t condemn yourself – Speak life!!

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  1. Firstly I want to comment on ‘I am going to start today’ and bold it out! Yet again a new week has started and I don’t have the courage to start or even try and workout. This is one of my utmost weaknesses and I don’t understand why? Is my brain not sending out the right signals, or is my body not corresponding with my mind…

    My thoughts on an addiction/bad habit is simply this…you have the mind power to overcome your addiction should you wish to, but most people like myself don’t have enough trust in themselves to do everything possible to kick a bad habit. Sometimes I go without smoking for more than 5 hours, and once that craving takes over my body all I want is a cigarette, but the first thing I think of when lightning one is; I get that dreadful feeling of nicotine rushing through my body, poisoning my inner me, not realizing how much this cigarette is interfering with my health and totally ruining my ability to work out and be healthy inside out.

    As from today I have made a decision and sticking to it toward kicking my addiction, I know it’s going to take considerably effort , time and courage but having faith, anything is possible – believe me, your mind is the most powerful thing that you’ve got! Once you have taken that step, there is no turning back! Only to look forward to a healthier you!


  2. I just gave in to 2 samoosa’s, but felt so guilty while reading your post. I know I’ve got it in me to stick to healthy clean eating and then something happen that make me stray. At this stage the fact that I’m frustrated because I can’t train due to a bout of pneumonia and all of a sudden a “little” cheat doesn’t seem so bad. Hope to be back in training tomorrow


  3. Cornelia girl it could have been way worse :-)…

    There will always be obstacles along the way trying to get you to wander off, but that is when we must endure, be positive and believe in ourselves like you said: You know you’ve got it in you! A cheat here or there is not the end of the world so please don’t condemn yourself over it! Hope you get better soon so that you can get back to training…

    Have a super Tuesday.


  4. Sharlaine, thank you for the comment,

    Anything can be a weakness for as long as we make it out to be. You may not always feel like working out but once you do you will feel courageous [the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action] and confident. Every step is a step closer to being a healthier you.

    We sometimes fail before we even start? Why???Because our mind is already set on failure.

    Don’t fear failure – Don’t let it keep you from trying, getting back up is what makes you a conqueror and winner!

    Your mind will soon catch up with your body – just take the first step and before you know it you will love it!

    Believe in yourself today, no addiction or bad habit have the power over you – Your willpower is way stronger than a cigarette!

    Believe it | Speak it



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