Measurement day

I had my measurement session this morning and I am excited and feel that I am making progress.

Today 15.09.2011

Today is week 4 and I have lost a total of 4.4 kg and 7.41 % body fat so far. I am starting to feel the results and looking forward to the next 8 weeks. It is hard work but absolutely so worth it I promise you that.

If you want to know more about this challenge you are more than welcome to ask some questions under leave a comment. I will get back to you and if I don’t have an answer I will make sure I get one from the relevant people.

Have a super blessed day and I will post today’s journal tonight after gym.

USN SA said I must let them know how measurement went and this is what I send and the reply I got from Gareth from USN:

They really do support us all and that is fantastic people relations. I give credit to Gareth and the USN team by really making each and every customer feel valuable. I will promote USN and their product wholeheartedly for the “customer care” I get from them is fantastic not even to start with the results. Keep it up!

“Hi Gareth/USN, I am on week 4 today with the challenge and went for measurement this morning. In total I have lost 4.4kg so far and 7.41% body fat.I am super excited about the results and I feel so amazing since I started with the challenge. It’s hard work but 100% worth it. Check out my blog! LOVING #USN. I cant wait for the expresso clip to be uploaded on the web today. Claudine”

USN SA – Ultimate Sports Nutrition wrote:

“Hi Claudine, thanks for your email.

Your results are fantastic, and they really do reflect on your dedication towards achieving the ultimate goal of weight management. It is Challenge, but the rewards are worth every hurdle. I will have a read through your blog to see how you are going, your difficulties and the successes you have achieved along the way.

Good luck with the remained of your Challenge and you are more than welcome to contact me for any assistance either on Facebook, or on”.

Regards, Gareth

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