Journal day 28: 14 September 2011

And it is Wednesday, one day closer to measurement day…I am excited and nervous at the same time. Don’t know why if I know I am almost 100% cheat free so far.

Today was legs in the gym and this is what I did:

Wake up: 2 x Phedra Cut Stimulant Free

Gym Morning Session: Legs/Calves

Gym: 5:49 am

Calories: 191 kcal

Calculated fat: 47%

Duration: 68min

Average heart: 111 Maximum: 153

Fat burn improving

Started with my 10 minutes on the air walker


Hip Abductor:

Set 1: 15 x 30kg | Set 2: 15 x 37.5kg

Hip Adductors:

Set 1: 15 x 30kg | Set 2: 15 x 37.5kg

Seated Leg Press:

Set 1: 12 x 37.5kg | Set 2: 12 x 37.5kg | Set 3: 12 x 37.5kg

Legs went ok this morning I just can’t get my heartbeat up when doing this…I am in Zone 1 most of the time. Even though this is better for fat burn it is frustrating to me. It feels as if I am walking out of the gym and didn’t do much…

Breakfast Meal 1:

Half a cup whole-wheat Pronutro

After breakfast:

2 x CLA Green Tea Capsules

1 Scoop Pure Protein

Mid-morning meal 2

1 Scoop Diet Fuel + 1 Green Apple

30 min before lunch:

2 Phedra Cut Stimulant Free

Lunch meal 3:

Rye bread, half tin tuna and half table spoon lite mayo and cucumber

After lunch:

2x CLA Green Tea

16:30 – 2 Phedra Cut Stimulant Free

Was not in the mood for a shake rather had an apple before gym!

Gym Evening Session: 20min stepper/60 Zumba Cardio

Gym: 16:52 pm

Calories: 637 kcal

Calculated fat: 19%

Duration: 80min

Average heart: 157 Maximum: 190

Maximal performance improving

Then it was some Cardio time, my favourite:

100 gram Fish
Mixed veggies: Green Beans, Carrots, Brocolli
1 Small Avo
1 Glass coke zero

After Dinner 2 x CLA Green Tea Capsules

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