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The real value of setting goals…

When I saw this quote it got me thinking…

Real Value
There are values in setting goals… The number 1 value  that it adds to our lives is the person we become while on the journey of setting goals and achieving & reaching them.

Today I want to share my personal view and opinion on the importance of setting goals for YOURSELF. We can so easily get discouraged or derailed from our goals the moment things get tough or we slipped up. We tend to experience the emotions of failure and disappointment in self the moment we slipped up! Whether you missed a workout or made a bad choice when it came to nutrition. Maybe your cheat meal ended in a cheat day and then snowballed to a cheat weak or month?! Can you relate, have you experienced the feeling of condemnation for not having enough willpower to succeed the first time? Well I have and its a terrible feeling indeed.

NOW how can we overcome this pattern and make it sustainable to reach our goal?

You can have the willpower to set out a short/long term goal BUT without a plan and a sustainable vision you are most likely to stumble and fail.

My advice is to take your overall goal and to break it up into smaller realistic goals…Let this be a journey and embrace it as an investment in yourself. Be realistic with yourself. This way you will be sure to reach your ultimate goal.

Then, set time frames for each and be sure to focus on them one step at a time. Once you overcome the first hurdle then think of and take on the second goal towards the “BIGGER goal”. You know yourself. Maybe you perform on rewards. Whatever it is do this for yourself. e.g If I lose 2 kg by week 3 I will buy myself a new training top. No matter what you DON’T purchase that top if you haven’t reached your personal goal. I promise you will take accountability for your decisions and this will form part of your commitment to what is important to you!

Your nutrition and training don’t have to be complex. By sticking to a fundamental, realistic, and systematic approach to your goals you are more likely to achieve them. Don’t over complicate things – This is often my problem and as a result I jump between diets and training programs. Don’t go there. Get a program, stick to it and pull it through! Get to know your body and what works for YOU.

I’m sharing this and believe it is a good read for those in need of change.


First and foremost, you need a plan that is curtailed to your needs, goals, and lifestyle. You can’t pick up your husband’s, brother’s, or cousin’s workout plan and expect it to work. Before you jump in, sit down and think about what you want and why. If you’re not absolutely positive about what you want or why you want it, then you’ll struggle to follow through. It might seem like a really basic first step, but it’s the one most people fail to do.

You also need to be realistic. I see too many people with the get-back-into-my-high-school-jeans-by-tomorrow mindset fall off the wagon. Sure that’s a great goal for the long term, but you need to ask yourself: What am I capable of right now? If you are 50 or more pounds overweight, thinking you’ll be down to a size 32 in a matter of weeks will set you up for failure. Instead of focusing on that big, 50-pound goal, take a smaller bite. Try, “I will lose five pounds by the end of the month.” It may not be a drastic change, but achieving it will feel great and will serve as excellent motivation.

Additionally, choose a goal that bolsters your health and well-being and doesn’t just focus on the way you look. By improving your overall health, you’ll feel better, sleep better, think better, and live better!

Successful goal-achievers also pay constant attention to their progress. Write down your goal in hardcopy journal, in a phone app, or on BodySpace! This way you can revisit and assess how you’re doing.


True, training is probably the most difficult aspect to figure out. When I first began, I would walk into the gym and train my chest, biceps, and triceps. I would do this every single day. If this sounds familiar, that’s OK—you have to start somewhere.

This year, instead of doing some biceps curls and then heading to the treadmill, follow this basic system:

Build Muscle Shed Body Fat
Weight training frequency 3-6 days per week 4-6 days per week
Rep range 6-10 10-15
Rest periods 1-2 minutes 30-45 seconds
Lifting load Heavier weight Lighter weight
Cardio frequency 2-4 times per week 4-6 times per week
Cardio duration 10-30 minutes 15-50 minutes

Like I said before, the most important aspect of training is to support your goals. If you want to gain muscle, aim for longer rest periods between sets, exercise with heavier weights, and shoot for lower rep ranges. If you want to shed body fat, train with lighter weight, high reps, and short rest periods.

Remember, this doesn’t need to be super complex! It is better to keep it simple. The key is constant progress. Each week try more weight, more reps, or shorter rest periods. Record your workouts so you can keep track of your progression.

Although resistance training will be the most effective way to achieve your physique goals, I like to encourage cardio. If your goal is to gain muscle, keep your cardio sessions to just three times per week. Use high-intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques to ensure the preservation of your hard-earned muscle. If you want to lose body fat, I still suggest HIIT, but I’d increase the session frequency to 4-6 times per week and increase the duration.

Finally, you have to rest. Spending days away from the gym will allow your body adequate time to rebuild and repair. You can schedule rest days whenever they best fit your schedule, but don’t leave them out!


Nutrition might be the last thing I’ve written about, but it’s the most important part of your progress—it always trumps training. Despite its importance, people tend to overlook it because they “work so hard” in the gym. You can kill yourself every day, but if you supplement that training with cupcakes and hot chocolate, you won’t see gains or losses where you want them.

I also see people eat too little. The point of your fitness resolution is to make lasting change. Nobody wants to lose 50 pounds and then gain it all back again, right? A month-long liquid diet or 1,000-calorie plan might work in the short term, but they won’t provide you the nutrition for a healthy mind and body or the building blocks for a lifestyle change.

Don’t make it complicated. Simply put, your calories should come from all the major macro-nutrients: fat, carbohydrates, and protein. You need all of them— there isn’t a magic way to meet your goal by eliminating one or the other! Eat more protein than you think you need, don’t skimp on complex carbohydrates, and don’t skip healthy fats. Don’t worry about counting calories just yet. Get in the gym, eat whole, nutrient-dense food, drink plenty of water, and cut out the processed crap.

Similar to goal-setting and training, it’s important to keep track of your diet in a journal, app, or BodySpace. Write down what you eat, how you feel, and any other aspects of your nutrition you’d like to chart.


We covered the essentials, but there’s one more thing I need to cover. To be a success story, find something fitness-related that you enjoy doing. Whether it’s Zumba, CrossFit, bodybuilding, cycling, or powerlifting, do what you like. If you hate what you’re doing, then it’s difficult to be motivated to get back in and do it again. Furthermore, your fitness and your goals are personal. Make sure whatever you do is going to help you be the best you.

You have the tools to succeed. Now go do it!



S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Accountable
R – Realistic
T – Time-frame

From my side my friends, I want to encourage you to take up this goal, challenge yourself and go out and DO IT FOR YOURSELF. For no other reason but YOURSELF. If you failed before so be it. Don’t dwell on the past or where you find yourself at this moment. Take it one small step at a time and be proud of every single healthier choice that you make.

We all mess up some point or another – I did too but NOW is the time to get back up, look up and NEVER EVER GIVE UP on yourself.

Be passionate about what you do and always give your best. You deserve to look and feel your best. Value yourself enough to make the changes toward becoming the BEST VERSION OF YOU!

I believe in you, so now believe in yourself.

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Have a fit and fabulous week everyone.


Do you have defined goals?

Defining your goals will be the first step of your journey to success!

You have to be clear on what it is that you want to achieve. The moment you define what it is you want to accomplish the easier it will be to set out your goals and objectives.

By having set goals you are already more focused towards your success than not having a starting point or clear vision of your goal!

Write down your goal and be realistic. Take your time and really think this through. Differentiate between your personal goal, family goal, financial or business goal.

As I said be realistic about this. WHY do I say so? So that you don’t end up setting unrealistic goals in an unrealistic timeframe to only be overwhelmed and discouraged by not reaching them in the end. By setting realistic goals in a proper timeframe will increase your chances of actually achieving them.

No matter how small or how big your goal might be, write it down or print it out and put it somewhere where you will be “visually” reminded of how bad you really want this.

Once you have your goal, set your time frame for achieving your goal. Work on a time frame for a long-term or short-term goal. For example – Have a 3 Month / 6 Month / 1 Year / 5 Year / 10 Year Goal.

You will see how amazing it is to look back after 3 months or a year and actually see what you have achieved or reached.

The feeling of achieving a goal is absolutely priceless and it is like an “inner being” accomplishment!!

Be SMART when you set your goals?






Tips to help you achieve your goals:

Get a mentor or “role model”. This person must be an inspiration to you or someone who achieved a similar goal than the one you are setting for yourself. Do research on the goal or similar goals or people who reached it for example a Weight Loss goal. Research the things they did or what helped them to achieve their goals and let this be a guideline for you! Always remember to never compare yourself with others we are all unique individuals.

Let it be a guide or motivation only. Then share your goal with a friend, your spouse, co-worker, family member or through a blog. This will keep you accountable believe me this is how my blog became such a big part of my “journey”. Sharing stories by not only motivating myself in the end but others as well.

So go on set those goals. Don’t set NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS rather set SOLUTIONS and GOALS.

We can do this.

set and reach goal concept

I will shortly share why I posted this specific topic on Goals or Motivation.

Please share this post with others so that we can help and motivate each others to becoming the best we could be…


Have a super awesome day it’s almost the weekend! Whoop


Think about it…

Have you ever…

Got stuck in a moment where you find yourself sitting, pondering about the past and the future?

I’m at a road which seems to be a 2 way road, with dreams and visions, thoughts and things, goals and purposes all going through my mind at the speed of light…

Reflections of the past visions of the future…Do you sometimes think about the what could have been or what will be?

Ok so what is my point? Today or lets say the past week I took some time to sit down and let my mind wonder. Thinking about my past and the journey to where I am today.

Are you where you want to be in life, do you live your dream, are you truly happy where you are.

Well I must admit that this is a road less travelled.

Today I took a moment and watched a video clip of where everything started for me, stepping into the Corporate World – Fresh out of University uncertain about the things to come. This is where my personality was formed. This is where people touched my life. This is where I learned the fundamentals of striving towards excellence and last but not least where I was empowered as an individual to be the best in a secure team environment. Where I learned the values of Leadership…

This is where I spend my days, I can remember so clearly walking through that Business Park in the mornings towards my office being so deeply appreciative of the environment and the blessing to be an employee for a Group like Bosasa.

So why am I thinking about this today or every now and then??? Because I want to tell you today to never ever take things for granted. Every opportunity that comes across your path is there for a reason. Whether it is to reflect on moments of impact.

I can honestly say that my life up to now has been a journey one that I can reflect on and say today that I have given my best when placed in the positions to strive to be the best!

Don’t regret not living your full potential. I’m at the point where I’m sick and tired of the If this, If I have more money then, If I can only then, all the if if if if and if only!

Why do we live in a world where you live for the weekend? Are you really at the right place? Life is short we cannot always just think about the ifs! Be the difference you want to see. If you are not passionate about what  you do then I want to encourage you that it is time to get out of you comfort zone to start trusting God and to get in line with where you are suppose to be!

There must be something more…Have a dream & have a vision but most important don’t neglect the now. Don’t keep your eyes so focused on the future that you forget about the NOW!

Recap 14-20 November 2011

Hi everyone, so how was your weekend? Are you sticking to your clean eating or are you snacking away?

Some pics of the holiday:

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As you all know by now I’m on holiday – and all I can say is it’s amazing to have some time off! I am so relaxed and it’s wonderful to be able to do things on your own time without being in a hurry. The weather is great although there have been rainy days but never the less we found something to do. Shopping at Gateway, visiting friends in Hillcrest, dining out or just relaxing in the hotel.

Well let me recap on the week. Training wise it went great I would say. For being on holiday and making the effort to train is already a thumb up for me. Arrived here wanting to join the gym for the week! Got there only to find out that as a “casual visitor” the contract is based on 3/6 consecutive days. So if you happen to miss one of your 3 days for example it’s your bad and you lose your money paid for that day. So after much thinking I thought to myself you know what I’m on holiday and there is no way a gym will decide when I must gym at a ridiculous cost! So option 2 it had to be…

Even though USN advised me to take the time off this week I just couldn’t ;-), I’m taking it easy by making sure I only train one session a day for not more than a hour or so!

I decided to buy 2 dumbbells (forgot my kettle ball at home) did bring my yoga Matt and skipping rope and obviously my awesome Nike training shoes ;-). No holiday excuses and off to a good training week. I don’t regret this decision for this was the most enjoyable week training wise. Change of scenery and nothing like a jog next to the coast on an early morning and weight training with the view of the ocean. Beautiful indeed.

I worked out my own little training program for each morning, consisting of cardio and weights! I got a Nike+ training band from Ian and what an awesome little gadget to have. This is a device compatible with my Nike shoes that records your distance, pace and time of every run. I was so curious to jog the same route as each morning, just to see how many km we ran each morning. To my surprise it was 5.53 km. I thought its 3km only to see this morning it was almost double the distance. I was proud of myself for I am not the best runner out there, but I have to admit I’m enjoying the running and will definitely train to reach the 10km mark which I don’t think is difficult for it is not as if I’m too tired to jog further in the mornings. The distance of the pathway next to the beach is this distance.


Eating wise there has been some slip ups. I can mention everything for I know when I cheated and on what. I feel horrible after each bad decision I make. I had half a small pack jelly tots, half a pack chocolate eggs, few M&M’s, nutri rusks, hand full speckled eggs, 1 Single Amarula Don Pedro and one evening some Prawns prepared in some souse with chips, and last night 4 pieces ribs and small piece “boerewors” and a bun! This is all the cheats during the holiday and I feel terrible about it. I must confess it’s a struggle in my mind to have something that I know is not part of my diet! Everyone tells me to relax, take a break and have a cheat meal every now and then but I just can’t. I feel condemned and guilty after each one! How do you experience this? Please share with me!

Training wise this is how my week looked like:

Monday: 48 minute cardio at the gym

– 302 kcal burned / 28% Cal Fat
Fitness improving

No training

Wednesday: 1 hour 7 minutes

Jogged 5.53km
Skipping: 7 x 1 minute reps
Crunches: 3 Sets x 20 reps
Bicycle: 3 Sets x 30 reps each side
Push Ups: 3 Sets x 20

– 384 kcal / 30% Cal Fat
Maximal performance improving

Thursday: 1 hour 36 minutes

Dumbbell alternating curls: 5kg x 3 sets x 20 reps each side
Tricep extensions: 5kg x 3 sets x 20 reps each side
Skipping: 6 x 1 minute reps
Upright row: 5kg x 3 sets x 20 reps
Crunches: 3 Sets x 20 reps
Jogged: 5.53km

Tricep kickback: 3 Sets x 10 reps each side
Cuban Press: 3 Sets x 10 reps each side
Concentration bicep curl: 3 Sets x 15 reps each side

Plank: 1 minute

– 380 kcal / 36% Cal Fat
Fat burn and fitness improving

Friday: 57 Minutes

Jogged: 5.53km
Wide Push ups: 3 Sets x 20 reps
Standing tricep extension: 3 Sets x 20 reps
One arm dumbbell row: 3 Sets x 20 reps each side
Dips: 1 Set x 20 reps
Skipping: 2 x 2 minute reps
Bent over dumbbell row: 3 Sets x 20 reps

– 395 kcal / 25% Cal Fat
Maximal performance improving

No training

Sunday: 1 hour 9 minutes

Jogged: 5.53km
Dumbbell lunge: 3 Sets x 20 reps each side
Single leg dumbbell dead-lift: 2 Sets x 20 reps each side
Alternate hammer curl: 2 Sets x 20 reps each side
Dumbbell tricep kickback: 2 Sets x 10 reps each side
Crunches: 3 Sets x 20 reps
Skipping: 3 x 1 minutes
Air bike: 3 Sets x 30 reps each side

– 472 kcal / 25% Cal Fat
Maximal performance and fitness improving

I hope you all will enter the new week being motivated, goal orientated and positive about your efforts. Always give your best! Train hard, stay focused but the most important of all is enjoy every moment.

I’m looking forward to this week being on holiday until Wednesday, I’m excited to send my disk to USN with all my photographs and then most of all I’m looking forward on the next step of training when I’m back. As Gareth USN said we will work towards the next level when I’m back :-). Remember it is important to set new goals once you achieved your current goals. Even if it is maintaining your new lifestyle and figure!

God speed,


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