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Need inspiration?

Everyone loses their inspiration in the gym sometimes. What matters is what happens next. Here’s how to relaunch your program for out-of-this-world results.

Unless you are a beginner and have just started training, chances are you have been stuck at one point or another with a goal or a lift in the gym. Perhaps you wanted to bench 225 and got stuck at 215 or 220 for weeks. Maybe you were shooting to weigh a cetrain amount and couldn’t seem to get past the mark for what seemed like an eternity.

We have all been there. Maybe you are there now. If that is the case, then one or more of these 10 tips could be exactly what you need to break that barrier and meet your gym goals. If you are a beginner, pay attention because you will get stuck sooner or later and you can also implement these strategies to break your sticking points sooner rather than later.

1. Keep A Log

This one may seem like a beginner tip to some of you advanced guys but bear with me. There is something about seeing your barrier in black and white that just drives you nuts to break it. You can train and just keep your numbers in your head for months and still be stuck.

Instead, keep a log and you will see yourself improving in a matter of a few workouts. You will get so determined to see your goal in writing that you will drive yourself harder to do it.

Set up your own logsheet, see sample what I have done:

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You Will Get So Determined To See Your Goal In Writing That You Will Drive Yourself Harder.

2. Get A Partner

If you have been training alone for a while, perhaps you need someone that has a similar goal as you or at least someone who is motivated to do big things in the gym as well. Having someone else there pushing you and encouraging you to do it will go a long way in helping you.

Knowing someone else there is watching and you could inspire them by breaking that barrier will make you work harder for both your partner and yourself. Also, having a partner you trust spotting you means you will have no fear of going heavier than usual.

Having Someone Else There Pushing You And Encouraging You To Do It Will Go A Long Way In Helping You.

3. Music

Let’s face it. As great as some gyms are, most of them play typical songs that aren’t very motivating. There is something about listening to your favorite tunes that just pumps your energy levels and motivation to a new high and makes you want to go smash some iron.

Whether it is hard rock, metal, hip hop, or any other genre that gets you going, get a mp3 player, add those songs and listen to them before and during your training. You will get pumped and you will get that personal record you have been striving for.

There Is Something About Listening To Your Favorite Tunes That Just Pumps Your Energy Levels And Motivation.

4. Make A Deadline

This is a great one for many people. Knowing that you must do something by a certain date or time makes you work harder at it. If a report has to be done by 5:00 pm and it is 3:30 now, don’t you work harder to get it done? Wouldn’t it make sense that this strategy would also work in the gym?

Now be realistic on this one. If you want to bench 225 by next week and you can only bench 190 this week, chances are that won’t happen. But setting a realistic deadline will inspire you to take each workout more seriously.

5. Make A Bet

Now on this one I recommend not doing anything crazy. Make a bet with a loved one that you can meet your goal by a certain date. If you win, they have to buy you dinner or give a you a few bucks. If you lose, then you must do the same for the other person.

Knowing there is a bet or a reward on the line will make you work harder than ever. Any time there is a competition or a prize involved, we as humans instinctively just step the intensity and effort up.

6. Change What You Are Doing!

Your issue may be that you have been doing the same thing for a while and you are just bored with the same routine. In this case, I suggest looking around for a new plan to follow for a while to revive your enthusiasm to train.

Something as simple as the order in which you train your muscle groups could be the difference between being stuck on your goal for another week and moving on to the next goal.

Your Issue May Be That You Have Been Doing The Same Thing For A While And You Are Just Bored With The Same Routine.

7. Change Your Mindset

Have you been telling yourself before you go train, “I hope I can get it today?” If so, this is a no no. That word hope only sets you up for failure. Get that word out of your vocabulary right now. From now on, before you leave the house or office, you tell yourself this or something similar.

“Today is my day. I am going to do this. I have been working at this for a long time and today it all becomes worth it. I am going to the gym, I am ready and today I WILL DO IT!”

It might sound arrogant or cocky, but to do what you want to do in this endeavor, confidence is key. You have to know you are able to do it in order to make it happen.
8. Talk To Someone Who Did It

Who would be better to help you reach your goal than someone who has already done it? If you know someone that can do what you want to do, ask that person to take a few minutes and talk to you to see if there is something you are missing or another way to make it happen?

Seeing that it is possible and it has been done encourages you and motivates you to do it too. As the old adage goes, if he can do it, I can do it too.

Seeing That It Is Possible And It Has Been Done Encourages You And Motivates You To Do It Too.

9. Visualization

The mind is a very powerful thing. If you can see yourself doing something strong enough in your mind, you will do it in real life.

Take a few minutes and sit alone. Close your eyes and imagine yourself breaking that benchmark or squatting that load of weight. See yourself pushing and straining. Watch yourself doing what you are trying so hard to do.

Also do this a few minutes before you go train. I guarantee you that you will feel stronger and more confident in your ability.

Close Your Eyes And Imagine Yourself Breaking That Benchmark.

10. Take A Break

If all else fails, perhaps you need a break from the weight room to rest and re-energize. Sometimes all it takes is getting away for a couple day or even up to a week to get that motivation back up and to feel that fire and passion again.

It might be difficult for you to do, but you will be better for it. You will feel better both mentally and physically which will help you break that barrier.

If All Else Fails, Perhaps You Need A Break From The Weight Room To Rest And Re-Energize.


I can tell you from personal experience and from seeing others that these tips work. Whether you are trying to gain muscle, lose that last few pounds of fat or get that new one rep max you have been so determined to get for so long. Implementing one or more of these tips will help you do it and also will help you break other barriers faster in the future.


Festive season…

Hi everyone, sorry for being quiet on the blogging side of things but I have been really busy working on compiling the LiveFit training log sheets and spend allot of time prepping for the Challenge starting on 2 January 2012. So are you excited already? Well I am SUPER excited and can’t wait to start this challenge with all of you…2012 will be your best year yet! How is your motivation level over the festive season? I must admit it’s been a tough week or two. Diet/Food wise there is no problem but oh my when it comes to my craving for sweets it’s another story.

Training wise things is going great. I’m taking it easier now; only to hit it hard again on Monday 2 January 2012. When I say taking it easy I mean trying to stick to 1 training session per day and not the usual 2…

The first phase of the Challenge will definitely be a HUGE challenge for me when it comes to the no cardio part but I just HAVE to do it. I am a little cardio junky who loves my running/zumba/mountain biking etc. but if that is what it takes I’m doing it.

Then I have been approached a few times and asked if I will compete in the fitness industry next year. After long thinking and pondering about it I have decided that I will give it a try ;-). The first competition is in April 2012 and by that time we will finish the LiveFit program and definitely be ready to hit the stageJ. So will you compete next year? The Challenge will end 26 March 2012 do you have any rewards set in place for achieving your goal? This is a great way to stay motivated.

Post a comment here if you will join in on the challenge. It is always better to have a support system and close friends/family/online friends who can encourage you at times when it gets tough. Believe me it does! There will be days that you feel discouraged, tired, bloated and irritated. Those days are the days where you need that support system, so follow the blog and let us help each other. For those of you that don’t already have MyFitnessPal get it today. This is a wonderful app to keep track on your food dairy, calories etc. You can add me if you like then we can share our food dairy etc. My user name is ClaudineKidson on twitter and and MyFitnessPal.

Supplementation wise for those that asked: I will carry on using my USN products and will keep you posted on what I will use. I’m still deciding though. If you have any questions about supplementation please feel free to post your questions here.

Tomorrow will be my last day at the office for this year, or NO wait I work on Christmas day 😉 but that’s ok after lunch is served I’m officially on holiday. I can’t wait to take some time out and to get a good rest. We will spend some time with family at the Lodge and then a few days at Sun City Resort. We have a Christmas Lunch at the Hotel every year and the Menu looks amazing I have to say. This will be the one day that I will enjoy the menu – Even though I will NOT over indulge I will enjoy it! What will you do on Christmas day? Remember the food can be overwhelming on such a  big family gathering/occasion but DONT over indulge and make up for all the food you did not get to have throughout the last couple of months ;-). It’s not worth it…Be one step ahead in January.  As I’m typing this paragraph it’s as if I’m preaching to myself

Well I just wanted to let you know I’m still here (on the blog) even though I don’t post every day… It’s time for me to get back to work on Phase 3 – Will keep you posted once it’s done.

Have a blessed day and if you are on your way to your holiday destination or to family/friends be safe. Drive save and stop next to the road for some stretching…


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