Believe in yourself…

Whoop whoop a new day, a new mind, new beginnings, and one step closer to a new you…

Did you fall of the wagon a bit??Please don’t feel condemned, get back up and focus ahead. Don’t let your failures keep you from reaching your best!

Ladies (and gents 😉 how was your day? How are things going with your challenge? Are you still on track and motivated towards your end goal. I just realized again today how big of a need there is out there for people to live a healthier lifestyle or to look and feel great as a person. It is in reach for you to become the best you could be…By the right amount of dedication, support and motivation you can change so many things.

It is human to struggle or to sometimes feel depressed but that is where you need friends or family to help pick you up and carry you towards the finish line.

I’m talking about these things for I have been there and I know it can get difficult at times…

If I close my eyes I can remember each feeling that I felt being fat, without confidence, bloated, depressed, tired and so the list can go on…

Quick reminder this is me a few weeks/months ago 18 August 2011. This is one of the better pics that I chose you should see from the side. When looking at this I remember the way I felt inside…

I know some might think…ahhhh she’s not that fat, well let me tell you I felt exactly like a person who is 30kg over weight. I went through the same emotions, difficulties etc…

Whether you are 5kg overweight or 15kg, we all go through some of the same emotions and feelings etc.

This was me 12 weeks later 10 November 2011…

This is now the latest pic taken on the new years weekend…Obviously I hold my breath to show some abs ;-)­­

What am I trying to say? I don’t want to show of on a photograph but I want you to realize that YOU CAN achieve your goals…I wish I could motivate each and everyone visiting this blog. Or those going through a bad patch in life — it will be ok! You don’t have to look like a super model in 1 week. You took months to get where you’re at so give your body the time to adjust and transform. Whatever challenge you are on make it sustainable and let it become a lifestyle.

Don’t see it as a diet or another 12 week challenge…See it as a lifestyle. I’m on week 2 of the LiveFit trainer (you can download it under LiveFit). I’m not doing another challenge to see how much more weight I can lose, I’m doing it because I believe I can be in even better shape and more healthy. I’m doing it because I love working out and to keep myself challenged on a training program etc.         Do I really want to compete in the Fitness industry — No I actually don’t want to! I was approached by so many people asking me about doing competitions etc that I got so confused at one point not knowing what I want to do, and when I sat down really thinking about it I realized it is not me, I don’t want to…Why must I put so much pressure on something I enjoy doing so much, and take the fun out of it?? Maybe I will be in such good shape by April/August that I will compete who knows? But I don’t have to set a competition date for myself to keep me motivated to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

I’m at a point in my life where I want to enjoy every single thing I do. To live life passionately and to appreciate every single day like it is a gift from God.

To reach, inspire, to help and to motivate people…That was and is my goal.

Please comment below if this makes any sense…Sometimes it feels as if I’m blogging for myself, but I realized that is also ok! If my words can touch or encourage 1 out of the 11 000 blog visitors then my goals are achieved!

Be positive, be strong, and believe in yourself!

You ABSOLUTELY do have the power to change and YOU are beautiful no matter what!


About lifestylechallenges

Brand and Marketing Manager | Hotel General Manager | BA Graphic Design and; Multimedia | Higher Diploma in Photography | USN Ambassador | Lifestyle Athlete | Trifocus Fitness Academy Ambassador | Studying to become an accredited Life Coach | Busy with Personal Training Diploma | USN 12 Week Challenge Contestant | Proud mother | Passionate about healthy living, being fit and an inspiration to others

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  1. Thanks Claudine, I can truly say that I felt like those words were written specifically for me!!! You have touched on so many things that I have struggled with. I think I am rushing things a little too much and as you have just said, it took some time to get this out of shape, I should really be more realistic and allow my body the time to adjust and transform. I like that 🙂 give my body time to adjust and transform. I really need to get my mind transformed as well, to look at this as exactly what it should be: a lifestyle change, and not just a 12 week weight loss exercise. But Im sure with fitness buddies like you and all the other gals, I can work on making this a long term effort!! Thanks for the words of encouragement, it is greatly appreciated.


  2. OOops I just realised my comment shows as being posted by Anonymous!! Its Lorna from the LiveFit trainer programme, how can I get it to not show as Anonymous, should I subscribe to your blog or?


  3. OOOps I just realised my comment above shows as Anonymous, its Lorna from the LiveFit trainer programme. SHould I subscribe to your blog or how do I do this?


  4. Amazing results! Thank you for the courage to share…..I only hope to look as good as you once I am done! 🙂


  5. Hi Claudine
    This brought a tear to my eye it really hit a spot sometimes I feel so positive that I can take on the world, I was just sitting thinking how hungry I am as its my day off I would often binge my little boy was sick at the crèche at the gym so stuck indoors. This has brought the power back to me love the photos and am very excited about my own transformation it’s happening already in my mind again thank you for everything you do you’re an amazing person xx


  6. Dankie so baie Claudine, jy is ‘n inspirasie vir elkeen van ons. Elke dag is ‘n geskenk van God en ons het so baie om voor dankbaar te wees.
    Ek stem saam met Lorna, dit voel asof dit vir my geskryf is. Ek sien baie uit na die verandering in myself, dit is nou eers die 2de week en ek is ‘super’ opgewonde oor alles!!!
    Dankie vir jou blog en jou ondersteuning!


  7. Hi Ladies thank you so much for the comments…

    It is only a pleasure and remember as I blog I open up to all to share my emotions or my experiences…I went to the gym this morning just realizing again how much I really do enjoy working out. Funny how the moment you give yourself a bit of slack or by not being so hard on ourselves how the results just end up getting better!

    You end up getting a better workout/crave less than when you know I can’t this I can’t that! You will see you will get at a point where you actually won’t mind not having unhealthy things or tons of sweets. Makes such a difference to enjoy the road towards a better you than despising every second of it by condemning yourself with what is right and what is not! This is a lifelong journey and we are supposed to enjoy every minute of it!

    So stays focused, and let’s have a clean eating healthy day. Have a super awesome day and make the small changes that will lead to BIG results!



  8. This is truly inspirational! I’m undertaking Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer. It’s my first time following a program and I’m more like the before you! Your results are great motivation for the weeks to come!


  9. I am so happy that you found my blog allowing me to come across yours 🙂 This post is amazing, and 100% true. We absolutely DO have the power to change if we beleive in ourselves. Nobody can do anything for us, they can support and guide but not do. I really like your point about placing such pressure on what you love by competiting – I am the same way. For so long I though I may as well do a show because I live at the gym and people told me to but after some hard self realizations I found that even though I may want to compete – I didn’t want it to be physique focused.

    Very impressed by you and can’t wait to see more! Nice work 🙂


  10. finally someone who has the same beliefs as me. I have been trying for so long to lose weight and i have tried everything as well. U r an inspiration to me now. I have seen ur pic in the shape feb issue and i also have 11 kgs to lose. Can u tell me what u did step by step. I must say u look awesome. Can u please contact me asap.


  11. Hi Claudine! Ek en Charmaine het nou ook al die eerste 2 weke voltooi! Ons geniet dit verskriklik baie! Die eerste week kon ons saam gym, dit het regtig baie gehelp. Die week het ek begin werk en ek probeer nog in ‘n rotiene kom… Maar ons albei het al so kilogrampie verloor! Genoeg motivering om aan te hou. Is ons veronderstel om in week 3 die gewigte swaarder te maak of is dit eers in phase2? want ek sien die reps is net 10?

    Dankie vir die goed wat jy op die internet sit!

    Ek weet nie of jy baie van dit weet nie, maar ken jy Hydroxycut? en wat dink jy daarvan?

    Ek stem saam met jou comment dat jy die training moet geniet, en hoekom moet jy dit noodwendig ‘n “werk” maak? Enjoy!




  12. Hi Ingrid, well done on the completion of your first two weeks!

    You have to adjust the intensity of your lifting as you progress and get stronger. If you feel that you are not doing a 60% of your maximum effort go heavier. You can never end up lifting to heavy 😉 just don’t try to lift your MAXIMUM effort first time round. That can lead to injury and that is the last thing you want. Focus on form that is the most important!

    Hydroxycut – Ek kan nie praat van resultate of ‘n produk wat ek nie gebruik het of kan se met sekerheid dat dit werk nie, maar ek glo ten volle in USN Phedra Cut XT/Lipo omrede ek radikale resultate getoon het met die produk en daarom ten volle dit kan aabeveel! Dit is ‘n fantastiese produk en selfs die Phedra Cut Slim Packs is ‘n ongelooflike lekker refreshing drink.

    Geniet die training en hou my asb op hoogte.



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