Journal day 38: 24 September 2011

Ok today was SUPER TOUGH!

I had to remind myself constantly about why I am doing this challenge. I again realized that the mind is so very powerful. Although I could resist temptation, it did not make it any easier. I was VERY hungry the entire day and this I would say is no mind thing only. Dinner time could not have come any earlier tonight.

I was working at the lodge today. We had the Amarok launch there since Thursday and I must honestly say well done to the team for a excellent launch on the VW Amarok Single Cab. Wow what a beautiful and impressive vehicle. You can visit their dedicated VW Amarok website if you would like to know more about it

For me it was tough at times when packing out the snacks etc lol 😉 but again we must stop meditating on things like all the foods we are craving for or how nice a sweet would be. Stay focused it will not be easy at times but the new “us” will be so worth it at the end.

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30 Minutes before breakfast 2x Phedra Cut Ultra XT

Half cup cooked oats

2 CLA 1000′s Capsules

Mid morning Snack:
1 Serving Diet Fuel
Green Apple

30 minutes before lunch:
1 Sachet Berry Phedra Cut Slim Pack

1 Rye cracker bread, half tin tuna
Green Apple

Late afternoon:
1 Serving Diet Fuel

30 minutes before Dinner:
3 Phedra Cut SF

Steamed skinless chicken x2 (+-100gram) and 1 cup mixed veggies…

Today was my rest day and no gym…This is a good thing for I need to recover and give my muscles and body some recovery time. I missed it though. Would love to work in a session tomorrow, but will have to see how the day goes. Tomorrow is our 1 year wedding anniversary – no eating out and if so it will be salad.  😉

How is your weekend so far? Well enjoy the time with your family and friends and make every second count.

After dinner 2x CLA 1000’s

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