Journal day 26: 12 September 2011

Happy happy Monday all, I hope you woke up positive and ready for the new week. Try to push yourself harder this week. Go the extra mile on your diet/training and I promise you will get results. Transform the way you think about this. If you failed on some days it is now time to put that behind you and to focus on your end result/goal. Don’t give up but get up.

Wake up: 2 x Phedra Cut Ultra XT

Gym Morning Session: Chest and Triceps

Gym: 5:44 am

Calories: 270 kcal

Calculated fat: 39%

Duration: 75 min

Average heart: 119 Maximum: 170

Fat burn improving

This is what I did in the gym this morning:

7 min Stepper with intervals

Also did 3 sets of Barbell Bench Press – The reason I did this between barbell/dumbbell was: Barbell and dumbbell training is usually combined to ensure a between all-around effect, hitting the muscles from different angles and ensuring that stabilizer muscle tissue mass is also trained to total fatigue for an improved result.

I added 3 sets of Triceps Pushdowns on the dipping machine with 37.5kg x 12 reps per set and 1 minute rest.

Ended with a 10 min jog

It was fun in the gym this morning. You know why?? The reason is because I was so confident in my program and in what I am doing. This may sound crazy but I changed my gym program COMPLETELY! I study the program the night before and I take my file with my program for the day with the images to the gym. I also write in what my kg’s are how many reps done etc. Remember how I told you how easy it is to get confused and to start running around like a chicken with an off head…Well that is where I found myself a week ago. That was the last time I ever felt that way about a gym program…

I got the perfect 12 week program and this is what I am going to stick to 110%, I have read up about it for hours and hours and this is from a trusted source. I don’t care if Pietie / Sarie from the gym tell me otherwise this is the one. It gradually helps your body to adapt to weight training as a woman and not like those programs that expect you to get everything right in day 2 with 20 exercises, super sets etc. Ladies and gents it is CRUCIAL to be comfortable and trusted with your gym program. Even if it takes you a months to find the right one; when you get it stick to it and make it work for YOU!

Breakfast Meal 1:

Original cooked Oats half cup

After breakfast:

2 x CLA 1000

1 Scoop Pure Protein

Mid-morning meal 2

1 Scoop Diet Fuel

30 min before lunch:

2 Phedra Cut Ultra Xt

Lunch meal 3:

Rye bread, half tin tuna and half table spoon lite mayo and cucumber

After lunch:

2x CLA 1000′s

16:30 – 2 Phedra Cut Ultra Xt

16:30 – 1 Scoop Diet Fuel


2 Skinless Chicken Drumsticks
Half Small Avo
Half cup Veggies

2 CLA 1000 Capsules

1 Cup rooibos tea made by my hubby 🙂

When I press post I will start with my ab exercises. Tomorrow is stimulant free days so please hold thumbs I don’t ge discouraged or to hungry, for I have realized that my hard days is the stimulant free ones.

Tomorrow is Back and Biceps and maybe a Kata Box class later the afternoon, looking forward to that. Will keep you posted.

Have a good rest!

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