Journal day 24-25: 10-11 September 2011

Journal day 24+25

Today was my off day at the gym, and even though it was my off day I wouldn’t have been able to go for I was working from early this morning.

The day turned out to be a rather nice work day. As I said we are hosting the TASA National Shoot at our lodge and I was the photographer for the weekend.

There is 2 courses for the Archers, one is the bush course and the other one the mountain course. Yes the names says it all, it was an awesome hike I would say, I even got a nice tan so all together it was a good weekend.

Then the hard part; we serve breakfast and lunch to the guests and that is a temptation in itself. To stand behind the Buffet with the smell of bacon, eggs, toast, mushrooms, chicken nuggets |  tjops, wors, grilled chicken, sosaties, pap, salads and then what I love most garlic bread…

But I resisted and will have to resist it again today! I’m looking forward to gym I really can’t wait…

This is my view at the moment while writing my dairy. Not the best quality sorry took it with my ipad

My view today

How was your Sunday, watching the rugby etc. As South Africans we are normally having a braai, some peanuts, chips etc. I do get irritated at times to not be able to have a decent meal? I am so tired of tuna I can scream at times.

As I’m sitting here with my iPad, watching the rugby the workers are busy barbequing the quarter chickens and sosaties and I am so hungry.

I just have to stay strong in times like this. It feels as if I am at a standstill point with my weight and the results are not as prominent as I hoped for it to be at this stage?

Maybe it’s because I am not in the gym for the last two days I don’t know!

Tomorrow is Monday and it’s back to hard gumming…yay! I am putting in 101% from tomorrow and will be training full steam.

Have a blessed week.

I share my fitness model/inspiration with you Jamie Eason this is my end result goal.

Wake up: 2 x Phedra Cut Ultra XT

Breakfast Meal 1:

Original Oats half cup

After breakfast:

2 x CLA 1000

1 Scoop Pure Protein

Mid-morning meal 2

1 Scoop Diet Fuel

30 min before lunch:

2 Phedra Cut Ultra Xt

Lunch meal 3:

Rye bread, half tin tuna and half table spoon lite mayo and cucumber

1x Coke Zero

After lunch:

2x CLA 1000’s

16:00 – 2 Phedra Cut Ultra Xt

16:30 – Diet Fuel Serving


100g steamed fish

Mixed veggies

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