Journal day 10:

Ok today was one of those days that if I allowed my mind to wander of it could have let to temptation on eating everything that is unhealthy. First of all my cardio today was great, did Zumba.  Although I did not burn as much calories as always 550kcal was still good enough!

After gym me and my sister and the kids went to the “Lenteskou” this is something taking place in Potch every year. There is some rides going on there and then allot of food to buy. It was a sunny summer’s day so you can imagine the temptation for a ice cold ice cream 😉 but my mind is focused and no cheat it was.

I went to the driving range and what a pleasure. It is so relaxing and fun to do something you enjoy. Do you have a sport, hobby that you enjoy doing over weekends or on your off days?

Then last night we had a braai at a friend for her birthday, and although I could not steam my veggies beforehand I decided to take half an avo with 100 gram steak and some grated plain carrots. To be honest seeing all the snacks on the tables eg Pretzels, chips and dips mmmm that was hard. I love crisps and anything salty. If you had to put cakes, chocolates and Simba chips in front of me I will definitely end up taking the! But again staying focused on my goal and what I’m working so hard for makes it possible NOT TO CHEAT, not even 1 Chip for I know myself if I must have ONE it will not be the last one…

So Saturday ended up as a challenging day but the feeling of not giving into temptation is far more rewarding than the guilt of snacking along. Those of you that didn’t perhaps had a all free cheat weekend, don’t despair keep your head high and focus on the new day. DO NOT condemn yourself for something that is “long gone”. Be positive and refocus.

Eating healthy food can still be delicious. Believe me I will definitely one day have my packet of chips, tasty Spur ribs again…But for NOW and the next 12 weeks it is time to transform my body to the best possible way it can look like and I cannot afford to give in now. After this challenge I will have a “healthy” cheat meal a week or a chippie 😉

Share what is your soft spot when it comes to food temptations, is it difficult for you ?

Eat Plan for the day:

Wake up: 2 x Phedra Cut Ultra XT tablets

Breakfast Meal 1:

1 Egg and 2 egg whites with mushroom scrambled

1 Low GI slice toast with some Bovirol on

After breakfast:

2 x CLA 1000 Capsules

Gym – Cardio: Zumba

Gym: 9:12

Calories: 550  kcal

Calculated fat: 13%

Duration: 57min

Average heart: 172 Maximum: 200 (was only for a few seconds) or so I hope.

Maximal performance improving

Mid-morning meal 2

1 Serving Pure Protein

1 Small green apple

Before lunch: 2x Phedra cut Ultra XT’s

Lunch meal 3:

3 x Organic Cornthins with tomotato on and some aromat 😉

After lunch:

2 CLA 1000 Capsules

16:00 – 1 Diet fuel servi g

16:15 – 2 Phedra cut ultra xt’s


100 gram grilled steak

Fresh Carrot salad

Half avocado

Late night snack: Small Green apple

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