Journal day 11: 28 August 2011

So today was my off day and no gym for me…but…I decided to take the Mountain bike instead of the car to go to the Mall to Dischem to stock up on my CLA capsules. I made a joke to USN SA telling them that my supplements are costing me more than my groceries at the moment 😉 but every cent worth spending though.

I actually felt stupid on the mountain bike at first for I haven’t been on a bicycle in a few years think about 5 years ago…I borrowed my little sisters mountain bike two weeks ago just to see if I actually like riding and then to decide if I’m going to buy a bicycle for myself or not!

And I did like it…I really enjoyed it and it was so much better on the road than on the bike in the gym. There was a strong wind blowing so this made it a bit tougher than expected. So I parked my bike at the Willows Garden Hotel across the street and took a walk to the mall. This was something so different than what I will usually do, out of my comfort zone but fun at the end. We are so use to just get in our car and not even to think of doing something that is different than usual. Try this sometime. If the Spar is around the corner from your house or the shop at the garage for the milk or bread that you forgot to buy, take a walk to the shop. You will not only walk out of the shop with less money spend ;-). If you can save money this way and burn a few calories while walking hey why not?

So the weekend is almost to an end and it is almost the start of a new week. Thursday is measurement day and man, am I excited about this! So I will keep you posted on that. Hopefully my measurements will be different than the first one…

Not sure if I must take photographs every second week?? What do you think?

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Have a blessed, cheat free week, feeling energized and ready to take things to the next level ;-).

The day went like this:

Wake up: 2 x Phedra Cut Ultra XT tablets

Breakfast Meal 1:

1/2 Cup Whole-wheat Pronutro with a little bit of fat free milk and water and 1 Canderal.

After breakfast:

2 x CLA 1000 Capsules

Mid-morning meal 2

1 serving Diet fuel Ultralean

Lunch meal 3:

100 gram minute steak

Half cup mixed veggies

Half Avo (ok so now my avo’s is finished) maybe a good thing for I LOVE avo with salt and vinegar spice)

After lunch:

2x CLA 1000’s

17:00 – 1 Serving Diet Fuel Shake

2 Phedra Cut SF

Before Dinner:

2 Phedra Cut SF


100g Hake fish fillet steamed

Mixed Veggies and cherry tomatoes and cucumber

After Dinner: 2 CLA 1000’s


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