Journal Day 7 – 24 August 2011

Wake up – 2 Phedra Cut SF

Gym: Morning Session – Legs, Weight Training:

Gym: 5:56 am

Calories: 367 kcal

Calculated fat: 32%

Duration: 1 hour

Average heart: 137 Maximum: 175

Fat burn and fitness improving

Breakfast Meal 1:

Oatso Easy with water

1 Serving Pure Protein

After breakfast:

2 CLA Green Tea

Mid-morning meal 2

1 Scoop Diet Fuel Shake

30 minutes before lunch: 2x Phedra cut SF

Lunch meal 3:

1 Slice 100% Rye bread with half a tin tuna with half a table spoon lite mayo. 3

Cherie tomatoes sliced in half with one leave lettuce and cucumber wheels.

Was delicious!

After lunch:

2 CLA Green Tea tablets

15:00 – Small Green Apple

16:00 – 1 Scoop Diet Fuel Shake

Before dinner after gym: 1 Small orange


Hake and mixed veggies and mushroom steamed! Was delicious.

Steamed food have so much more taste to it than boiled or cooked food my steamer is replacing my stove at the moment :-)!

Journal day 7:

Ok the weather is back to normal and no more Nescafe Cappuccino cravings for me ;-). First of all my biceps is so stiff and sore… I can’t even make my arms straight. But it is a great feeling for at least I know now that what I’m doing is working!

This morning was legs and tonight I did some Zumba. I love love love Zumba this is my favourite cardio exercise and the best overall fitness studio class at the gym. Or this is my view on it.

Tomorrow I will do the super circuit haven’t done this in a very long time so we will see how it goes! Think this is a good overall training with the intervals of the heart rate with the steps in between sets.

Tomorrow it’s back to the Phedra Cut Ultra XT’s whoop some hardcore fat burning time again ;-).

I must honestly say I am really enjoying the healthy choices on the food. I feel so much better after every meal and I know I will never look back or return to my unhealthy fast food lifestyle. I don’t think we always realize what we put our bodies through when eating junk. I use to have a lifestyle where two take away meals per day was the norm and today I’m sitting with an under active thyroid etc which I believe can also be caused by some dietary deficiency.

Look after your body don’t wait for it to signal alarms before you make a change. Take baby steps if you have to.

I’m working in the hospitality industry so there are always the chefs with some amazing food with all the smells coming out of the kitchen but I stay strong and focussed by not thinking about deep fried “slap” chips my favourite 😉

Gym: Evening Session – Cardio – Zumba

Gym: 17:36pm

Calories: 651 kcal

Calculated fat: 12%

Duration: 1 hour

Average heart: 176 Maximum: 199 (ouch to high)

Maximal performance improving

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