Journal Day 6

Journal day 6:

Ok so I did the abs last night but only for 20min but I must say it felt great…I don’t know if it’s only me but I feel the difference without my Phedra Cut ultra XT’s. I don’t have that much energy and today for the first time I was actually hungry short after my lunch. Maybe it’s the weather? I was really hungry today and felt like snacking the entire time, but thankfully I did not. lol

I have never experienced strong winds like this before. The sky is like a brown, yellowish colour and I must say it is depressing weather!

Gym this morning was great I did cardio, what I love the most although I’m actually starting to like the weight training days.

I did cycling, rowing, stepper, Roman chair leg raises, and some jogging (only 5min) + abs the evening.

Cardio Day
Gym: 6:00
Calories: 344 kcal
Calculated fat: 28%
Duration: 54min
Average heart: 143 Maximum: 173
Fitness improving

The only way to get lasting results is through hard training and most important correct nutrition…

Always remember when you do cardio the calories you burn is what you burn while doing it and for a very short while thereafter, where with weight training your body actually continues to burn calories few hours after you finished training!

So what am I trying to say: Weight training is crucial and VERY important for results on toning and shaping. Believe me today that you can not only do cardio and expect miracles in your body. Yes you will get fit and your endurance will improve but you do need proper weight training for toning!

Breakfast Meal 1:
Half cup whole-wheat pronutro

After breakfast:
2 Phedra cut SF (today is my off day from Phedra cut XT’s)

Mid-morning Meal 2
1 Serving Diet Fuel
1 Small Orange

30 minutes before lunch: 2x Phedra cut SF

Lunch meal 3:
Medium potato
Small skinless chicken
1 Cup broccoli
3 Cherie tomatoes

After lunch:
2 CLA 1000

15:00 – Diet fuel shake – 1 Serving + 1 Small green apple

16:00 – 2 Phedra cut SF

1 White chocolate cappuccino (I know this is so wrong but it was cold and I wanted it so bad 😉  a little reward.

100gram steamed chicken
1 cup stir fry veggies steamed
Half small avo (Craved for it)

After dinner:
2 CLA Green Tea

I drink a minimum of 2.5 liters of water each day.

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