Journal Day 5

Ok this morning something weird happened and I have never experienced such a feeling before.

I took my 2 Phedra Cut Ultra XT’s with my Euthyrox thyroid pills; the next moment I got a “burp” hehe have to share, and my nose and throat was burning like I can not tell you. It felt like chillies and pepper and tabasco was thrown dowm my throat. This was not the normal burning throat sensation that I have experienced before…tasted like herbs and pepper? But all good and I’m on my way to gym for first weight session so will blog again later!

Gym this morning was awesome and I really enjoyed it.

Weight Training:
Gym: 6:00
Calories: 434 kcal
Calculated fat: 24%
Duration: 1 hour
Average heart: 149 Maximum: 183
Max performance and fitness improving

I did training session 3 as you will see under resources rapid fat loss program for women. I tried to go for heavier weights and this is much better. It actually feels as if I’m doing something. I started of with some intervals on the bicycle only 10 minutes just to warm up and my average reps was between 10-15 and 3-4 sets on the weights.

I focused on the parts where they say superset and made sure I keep my rest time to 30 sec. I want to do some abs tonight, actually planned to do it at 18:00 but you know how it goes…Cleaning, cooking for a hungry husband, washing dishes and doing washing… It’s already 19:45 and feels as if there is still so many thing I want to do!

How do you plan your days to get to everything?

The success to keeping to your goal definitely involves planning that is a fact.

Hope your Monday is a pink and purple one and not a blue one ;-).

About my day:
Wake up 2 phedra cut ultra xt with lukewarm water

Breakfast Meal 1:
Half cup of cooked oats with water

After breakfast:
2 CLA 1000 Softgels

Pure Protein 1 and a half scoops

Mid-morning meal 2
1 Small green apple

30 min before lunch 1 Phedra Cut XT

Lunch meal 3:
2 Tbsp lean mince, with brown basmati rice
3 Coctail tomatoes

After lunch:
2 CLA 1000

15:30 – 2 Phedra cut ultra xt

16:00 – Diet fuel shake 1 serving

30min before dinner: 2x Phedra cut ultra SF

1x Skinless Chicken
Half cup of mixed veggies
Half cup of carrots

After dinner:
2 CLA 1000 Capsules

Keep to a cheat free week!

About lifestylechallenges

Brand and Marketing Manager | Hotel General Manager | BA Graphic Design and; Multimedia | Higher Diploma in Photography | USN Ambassador | Lifestyle Athlete | Trifocus Fitness Academy Ambassador | Studying to become an accredited Life Coach | Busy with Personal Training Diploma | USN 12 Week Challenge Contestant | Proud mother | Passionate about healthy living, being fit and an inspiration to others

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