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Your life WILL be changed…

Ok so I have some news to share with you…I get ALLOT of requests on training programs, nutrition etc and have decided to start a dedicated page on my blog where I will share my training programs, tips and diet exactly to the T.

The more great physiques and good health there is out there the better!

The first time around on my 12 Week Total Body Transformation I was rather clueless on where to start and which gym program to follow etc. Well I have found the most AMAZING / BEST program yet to accompany you to a 12 Week Total Body Transformation! This is for men and women!

I did not follow the eating plan but I have decided to redo the LiveFit trainer from Jamie Eason starting on the 2 January 2011 and would love if you join me for the 12 weeks.

I will upload every exercise, training log sheet, diet for the day. This will be like a portal where all the information will be shared and where each one can interact and share on how you have experienced the day. This is a GREAT way to encourage each other by staying motivated and dedicated!

I however want this to be interactive, so what do you think?

This will require dedication and hard work from my side so I am interested in your feedback if this will be worth it?

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