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12 Week Total Body Transformation – Final Shoot


Those 3 words is what is going over and over in my head.

Today is the end of my 12 week challenge and how exciting, for now the journey ahead starts!

I was a little emotional this morning when I realized I did it… I can tell you today that the feeling of achieving something like this for yourself is PRICELESS…

I am excited, sad, emotional and happy and all the emotions you can think of, that is what I am currently experiencing while sitting here.

This is the biggest “personal” achievement in my life – I never thought I could transform my body the way I did but I tell you today that when you set your mind to it and if you want it bad enough you will and CAN do it.

I have worked so hard but every drop of sweat was so worth it…

I have lost 8.70kg in 12 weeks and 15.08% of fat.

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First model shoot ever!

Hi everyone, sorry for only posting now but what a hectic two days it was…

So I did my first Model Shoot yesterday and wow what an amazing experience. I can’t explain to you all the emotions that I experienced in this one day. My day started off with an awesome session in the gym. I took leave for the day and decided that this is going to be a “me” day 🙂

I booked a manicure and pedicure to start off with and then it was off to the hair salon! I decided there and then that it was time for change ;-), drastic change…I went there for a colour and blow wave but walked out there with a complete different hairstyle. I decided to cut my hair short! I asked a few friends on my blackberry what they think and all said: Go for it! So I trusted everyone’s response and cut it short.

Then I rushed off to the mall to look for some last minute outfits or shoes for my photo shoot…So I arrived at PictureCafé and did not know what to expect. I was slightly nervous but excited at the same time. It was time for make-up and then all the fun began. Before I go any further I would like to thank PictureCafé – Johann and his beautiful wife Delene for this opportunity and wonderful prize. I would have NEVER done this for myself and this was really a God send! Again thank you for the exceptional service and excellence! As a team you will go far. I would gladly refer you to all.

Bloggers if you would like to know more about PictureCafé visit their Facebook page today at PictureCafé or contact them at

Some pics of my shoot yesterday. Week 10 of 12 – 2 Weeks to go!

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