The fun part of pregnancy

Shopping shopping shopping 😉

I know I’m only going for 10 weeks now but all I can think of is what to do, what is must have items, the baby nursery and so the list goes on.

Is it normal?

If I could have my way the nursery would have been completed yesterday already 🙂

The journey is so amazing so far. Yes there is the ups and downs that is a sure fact. Like me sitting in front of my PC as I type struggling to keep my eyes open! Like feeling uncomfortable in my clothes and in the gym for the first time…Having mood swings like you won’t believe and then obviously experiencing emotions that I never felt existed at time. BUT again the thought of being blessed by being pregnant makes it all worth it I believe.

I’m very luck up to now to not have any morning sickness. I rather take the moods than being sick…

So back to shopping…

What was the first things you purchased?

This is my shopping basket so far…

Then I browsed for some nursery ideas and this is what I came across that I like. In some there is only an element that I like not perhaps the colour of the room for example.

This is how I want to paint the nursery, all just depend if it is a little boy or a girl.

So where it is blue it will be either be blue (if a boy) or a very selective pink (if a little girl).

Let me know what you think?

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  1. Hi Claudine… oh what an exiting time it is!!! You are blessed not to have morning sickness. I had it from week 7 for 3 months!!!!

    One thing you should definitely put on your shopping list is the Baby Vac NAsal Aspirator… works like a bomb!!!

    Enjoy the shopping!!!


  2. I feel super blessed not to have morning sickness, although some people say I mustn’t get to excited it can come at a later stage?

    I’m 10 weeks tomorrow – Did you have a baby bum by 10 weeks?

    Thanks for the tip the Baby Vac Nasal is added to the list 😉

    Have a super weekend


    • Hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky one without morning sickness throughout!!! 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

      I had a litttttttle bum @ 10 weeks yes 🙂

      When is your due date???


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