Food prep Sundays….

Food prep Sundays....

Food prep done for the week!! Ostrich mince/Ostrich Steak/Chicken/Veg/Brown Rice and Sweet Potato! Yum..

Do you plan and prep your food in advance or how do you go about it?

I like to plan my meals for the week, doing it this way I’m always sure there is something in the fridge to grab in the mornings for my lunch meals…If I fail to plan I end up eating what I can get and that is a NO NO! I do cook fresh in the evenings and breakfast is my oats/cereals that takes 3-5 min to prepare.

Working in the hospitality industry makes it very hard at times for there is ALWAYS breakfast/lunch buffets for groups or clients! The food is absolutely amazing but honestly – when prepared in the kitchen they don’t think about the “healthiest” options like steaming etc its all about the taste!

So its better to prepare and bring my lunch to work, then I know what cooking process was used and sure to avoid any unwanted fats/oils/sugar etc! The taste stays amazing even though its prepared and freezed- make sure that the food you prepare is food that you like – Don’t let food become your enemy make it tasteful and interesting. That way you are assured it becomes a lifestyle and NOT a diet!

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  1. Chishimba Chibwe

    I would like a weekly update on your eating plans and work out challenges


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