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Wow what a week. I did my first tv interview/shoot with USN for the Expresso Show on Monday, this was definitely a highlight and great fun… I was nervous like hell that I must admit but before I knew it I was relaxed. The team I worked with was great and they made me feel right at “ease”. I met Ewan and what a great guy and exceptional presenter. He is an absolute natural and such a genuine grounded person.

Me & Ewan Strydom on set

The screening will be on the 1st of February on the Expresso Show SABC 3 starting at 5:30-8:00 am. I will upload the clip on my blog once it is released. I must admit I could have done MUCH better and there was so much more I wanted to say during the interview. You know how it goes, only after the shoot everything plays over in your head what you could have said/done. We also did some close up shots of different things like me skipping/jogging/push-ups (yes they made me work) 😉 and some general dumbbell curls etc. These will be used as inserts over time.

I treated myself with some well deserved Sushi after the shoot..Yum, my all time favourate – Smoked Salmon Fashion Sandwiches no mayo and 4 Rainbow Rolls.

Sushi my favourate...

I don’t have the calorie breakdown of them yet and not sure if I want to know 😉

What is your favourate “cheat” meal / snack to have?


Then Tuesday came and it was time for me to go for an operation! Had to be at the hospital at 5:00am oh my that was so early, the Hospital is in a different town so we had to leave 30min earlier…I was rather upset when I got there and I had to pay in a ridiculous amount of money…I’m talking thousands!!!Then you ask yourself why do we have a medical aid like Discovery? mmm I wonder!

As mentioned my hubby and I have been trying for a little one since last year April…Well we went to the doctor and he decided that it is better for me to go for a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy to make sure everything is fine on the inside. Which also turned out, that he had to burn off endometriosis and do ovarian drilling.  I’m sharing this with you all so that you make sure you go for a regular check-up. Ladies it is important, if you haven’t been to a gynecologist then make an appointment today. Rather make sure now than later, even if you’re only planning on having kids later in your life or just for your health in general…

This was me just before I went into the operating room…

Few minutes before going in to surgery

Then the one below: Me few hours after the operation…I was brave enough to tell them I dont want a wheelchair. I got out of the bed when they said I can go home and said: I DONT want a wheelchair I’m going to run out of the hospital hehe…All said in good spirit until I took my fourth step or so when I realized I had extreme pain and a burning sensation in my abdomen, and that is when I realized there is no ways I will reach the car they can bring the wheelchair hehe! First time ever that I’m in one 🙂


I have pain but at least the being nausea’s part is over now, thank goodness for that! From here on its positive thoughts trusting God for a little one when the time is right and getting better…

The worse pain noted by most women and by me is a sharp stabbing pain in my shoulder. This is a side-effect of the gas that is used to distend the abdomen, which seems to travel around the system. The pain can feel as though a sword has been driven through you. “Just read this up for it didn’t make sense that I have such bad pain in my shoulder area.”

Feeling swollen, bloated and have some pain…



I got the news that I will be out of the gym for at least 4-6 weeks! This is a massive stretch for someone training twice a day. Very sensitive area but will have to focus on the results and why I’m doing this? Those who are mommies will probably say hey it is all worth it??

I feel extremely depressed that I cant train but now I can focus even more on my diet and clean eating… I have tried out a few recipes already and Yummy…

Then I want to thank my friends and family for the support, I really do appreciate it.

I have received some beautiful flowers, a card, messages!

Hope you all have a super awesome week – It’s almost Friday…Whoop whoop.

Look after yourself and NEVER EVER take your health, life for granted. Live life passionately and give it your best!

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the health reminder 🙂 My fiance had hernia surgery in June and he experienced the same shoulder pain! He said it was so much worse than the pain in his abdomen. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


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