Tuesday 25 October: Day 69

Hi all, so how was your day? As I’m typing here I’m battling to keep my eyes open :-(. Today is my stimulant free day again and man do I feel drained and tired? Do you experience days like these?

I have to know this for I don’t know if I am doing something wrong perhaps. I am SOOOOOOOO hungry and don’t know what the heck is going on with me. I can’t stop thinking about everything that I am craving for. Believe me I will not cheat. Even though it is so hard at times I will keep my mind set.

30 Minutes before breakfast:
3x Phedra Cut SF

Two egg whites and 1 whole egg.
Slice Rye bread toasted with a drop of caramel syrup by Solal. This was delicious even though I felt like having more food 😉

2 CLA 1000’s

Mid morning Snack:
1 Serving Diet Fuel (I feel fuller when I have this)
1 Green Apple

30 minutes before lunch:
3x Phedra Ultra SF’s

100 gram fish with 1 cup mixed veggies and large green salad

Late afternoon:
One and a half slices of watermelon (Is this allowed in the diet? Don’t know and don’t really care for I was starving!) Better than having junk!
Hand full of raisins ( I never even eat raisins lol, like NEVER EVER but had to have something sweet.)

Tuesday Training:
Gym: 16:54
Calories: 581 kcal morning was 124kcal
Calculated fat: 33%
Duration: 1 hour 53 min
Average heart: 130 Maximum: 177
Fat burn and fitness improving

30 Minutes before dinner:
3 Phedra Cut Stimulant Free

100 gram steamed chicken breast/fillet
1 cup mixed veggies
Cucumber wheels

Green apple

After Dinner – 2 CLA 1000′s

Before bed – Pure Protein Shake and some USN ZMA!

So the end of the challenge is in sight and I am sad and happy at the same time! I don’t have the words to describe to you how my life changed over this last few weeks. This is 100% lifestyle now. When I think back I can see myself standing in front of the fridge reading the USN diet, measuring everything. Where now I don’t even look on the fridge for I know what I’m allowed to eat and what not.

So what will change after this 12 weeks? Well first of all my training will be adjusted. Or let’s rather say my time spend in the gym etc. Then I will set up my eating plan with more options, variations and choices. I’m thinking about creating a page here on the blog only on food, nutrition and recipes? What do you think about it. I want to make it creative and like a portal of useful information. I will do a lot of research on this.

I think it’s crucial to keep your diet exciting at all times and believe me healthy living or eating can be delicious. We just need to learn how to prepare food correctly and what the facts is behind the food.

I believe that I have put in every effort that I could so far and gave it my absolute all. I really do want to win this competition I must be honest with you, but I have also realized that things are far more important than that. You are already a winner within yourslelf. We just sometimes need to take it. No competition, no pills, no nothing can give you the inner beauty God intends for you to have. You are like a pearl hidden in a shell waiting to be exposed. I can honestly say today that if I can do this you can do it!

I still have lots to say but will be posting again tomorrow.

Have a wonderful rest and hope we can all wake up 100% refreshed.


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