The Benefits of Heart Rate Monitoring

I decided to share some information on heart rate monitors and I must honestly tell you today that it will be the BEST investment for yourself to become a fitter you!

I always went to gym and walked out of there sometimes not knowing how beneficial the exercise really was, until I got my Polar FT 60 watch everything changed. Everything concerning my training just went to another level. I started setting goals, whether losing weight or just improving my overall fitness. My Polar has been a huge part of my training success for the reason that I can track what I do. Everyday can be your best day if you can track your progress or the results for your training week!

Why is it important to monitor your heart rate when you exercise?

  • Your heart rate is a convenient, reliable, personal indicator of the intensity of your exercise.
  • It’s good to know the intensity of your exercise so you can vary it
    depending on your fitness level and the goals you want to achieve by

Heart rate monitoring brings following benefits to all levels of users:

Exercise Beginner

  • Teaches you about your body’s reaction to exercise
  • Keeps you from starting out too hard (as beginners are often tempted)
  • Helps you control the intensity of your exercise routine
  • Provides feedback on your improvement

Regular exerciser

  • Helps you control the intensity of your exercise program under different circumstances
  • Helps you fine-tune your program for the best results
  • Gives you plenty of feedback both during and after a session, teaching you more about your body’s reaction to exercise
  • Helps you see how you’re progressing

Serious exerciser

  • Helps you make sure you work out at the right planned intensities for
    your training program (hard enough on hard days, light enough on
    recovery days, enough recovery between intervals, etc.)
  • Enables you to track and accurately adjust your training program
  • Teaches you about your body’s reaction to training, providing an early warning of overtraining, flu, etc.
  • Provides feedback on your progress

STAR Training Program

We all have our own reasons to take up training. Some of us train toimprove fitness or health, some enjoy the social aspects of the sport, while others exercise to manage their weight. Motivation is the key to a successful training program. The STAR Training Program feature is developed to maintain training motivation through all week and every week. It helps physically active people to improve their aerobic fitness more compared to general training recommendations – and with lower total training time and intensity.

With the STAR Training Program, you can choose whether you want to maximize performance or improve fitness, or lose some weight. The STAR Training Program then crafts you an aerobic training program with weekly targets,
expressed in total exercise duration in three different intensity levels on one week. Your task is to train at all three intensity levels in order to reach optimal results. The type of sports or exercise is free for you to choose.

When you plan your training week, remember to alternate heavier days with lighter ones, and not to schedule all your sessions for the weekend. Spread them out evenly throughout the week for better results. After a full
week of training, the STAR Training Program gives you clear feedback. If you train right, it will reward you for a good week of training. In addition, it adapts to your training habits to update your training program for the next week, keeping you motivated in reaching your long-term training target.

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