Journal day 41: 27 September 2011

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Morning Session: Shoulders and Abs

Gym: 6:02 am
Calories: 221 kcal
Calculated fat: 46%
Duration: 1 hour
Average heart: 113 Maximum: 149
Fat burn improving

Shoulders and Abs

Afternoon Session: Shoulders and Abs

Gym: 16:57 am
Calories: 277 kcal
Calculated fat: 30%
Duration: 45min
Average heart: 137 Maximum: 172
Fitness and Fat burn improving

I did 3 sets of 10 Bench Dips, as well as 5 min bicycle for warm up and some skipping in between sets! This is a wonderful way to get that heart rate going

If you’re in the gym physically, you should be in the gym mentally. Visualize your workout before you step into the gym.

I believe this is very important. As ladies we do sometimes feel insecure when it comes to lifting weights but believe me today this is what is going to cut and tone us the way we want to so it is worth the effort visualizing about your workout…For years I have been struggling with grasping the cardio / weight training balance and today I must tell you weight training is key to any lean and toned body. There must be a balance between the two!

This is what I do and this is what works for me:

  • First of all find a program that you are 100% confident about. (Very important to believe in what you are doing)
  • I bought myself a flip file 50 pocket sleeves
  •  Make a print out of the exercises/reps/sets you have to do for the day and even include small pictures so that you can see what it is if you are unsure
  • If possible have a printout log where you can fill in your sets/weight/reps done – This way you will track your progress as you go along
  • Create a weekly calender – I have my Monday-Saturday set out with my program and I know exactly what cardio gym classes / sessions I want to do and when I want to do weight training.
  • Have one role model/figure that really inspires you and stick the photograph somewhere where you can remind yourself toward what you’re working to. DON’T criticize yourself and don’t condemn your body or the way you look. Let it be a healthy inspiration and not an obsessive inspiration. We are all so different so don’t compare yourself to those around you.
  • Have a set goal and work towards it. You positively do have the ability to change your life. Make the right choices and start honoring your body today!
  • DO NOT try to lift 100% of the weight if you have never even trained with weights before.


  • Replace those sugars in your coffee with Xylitol – This sugar alcohol is a completely natural, low-calorie option that comes from many fruits and vegetables. It works great for baking, or use it to sweeten a meal without added guilt. It can be a little tough to find, but is often stocked in the organic section. It’s definitely worth the search. Your diet can be as smart as it is sweet! You can get this at Dischem stores.
  • Don’t train the same body parts back-to-back. Instead, allow for ample recovery time and reorganize your workouts as necessary so that you have 24-48 hours of rest before training the same body part.

Diet for the day:

Woke up: 2x Phedra Cut Ultra SF

Half cup cooked oats

2 CLA Green Tea

Mid morning Snack:
1 Scoop Diet Fuel
Green Apple

30 minutes before lunch:
2x Phedra Cut Ultra SF

Small skinless chicken, half cup cauliflower and medium baked potato and cucumber

Late afternoon:
1 and a half scoop Diet Fuel

8 piece Fashion Sandwiches Sushi without Mayo – Smoked salmon and avocado

How is your week so far? Tomorrow is Wednesday already cant believe it! What a busy week at the office. Prepping for Aardklop.

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  1. Hi Claudine,
    Thank you so much for your inspiring blog! Also doing the USN 12 week challenge, and I have now also decided to follow Jamie Eason’s training plan. Quick Question, know that you also switched training plans during your challenge, when did you start with Jamie’s program, and did you follow the ‘no cardio’ rule for the first phase? Bit worried that this won’t result in weight loss, although I do understand her theory behind it! Thanks…
    Good luck with the last few weeks, and well done thus far! 🙂


    • Thank you so much for the comment. Yes I did change my training program and don’t look back once ;-). I feel very confident in Jamies Livefit 12 week program. I see now that I started with the program in week 4 of my USN challenge. Thought it was in week two ;-). I went ahead with my cardio and so far the results have been great. Still in the muscle gaining stage can’t wate for the cutting/toning phase.Good luck with the challenge. Please do share on the blog. You can do it!


  2. Rene Lezette O'kelly

    Jy lyk goed ek wil ook het alreeds gewig verloor amper 20kg ek wil nou spiere bou kan jy my help asb


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