Journal day 16-18

I’m a little worried about my legs…I’ve been struggling with my shins for a few months now…it goes away and comes back again. It started to get worse this week but I am treating it at the moment and rubbing it with Artho Guard and some trans Act patches so let’s keep fingers crossed that this too shall pass  . They say the only thing healing shins is rest. Well that is the last thing I have time for or definitely not the next few weeks.  I just have to change some things to my training and rest the days when it is rest day!

Today (Sunday) was my rest day, and I think it was a good thing even though I was so tempted to do something…I went to the driving range and practiced my swing followed by some putting. Today was also grocery shopping day and I must say I’m looking forward to my meals for the month  .

I shopped for food that is 100% healthy, no fats and steamed options. I was thinking of convenience the whole time. Instead of only buying bulk/packed vegetables I rather bought the veggies that you can steam in the microwave. They come in packets of four. You have to think of ways to make this challenge even more convenient when it comes to meal planning etc and to fit into your lifestyle. I don’t have time to prepare meals in lunch etc so I do it the night before, or on the hectic days I ask the Chef at the Hotel to prepare something for me, but I stick to boiled/grilled or steamed without salt, basting etc.

Again planning is crucial!

This is how my day looked like for Sunday:

Wake up: 2 x Phedra Cut Ultra XT tablets

Breakfast Meal 1:
1/2 Cup Whole wheat Pronutro with little bit of fat free milk and water and 1 Canderel.

After breakfast:
2 x CLA 1000 Capsules

Mid-morning meal 2
Small Green Apple
Half Duet Fuel Bar

30 min before lunch:
2 Phedra Cut Ultra XT

Lunch meal 3:
1 Slice Rye bread with half a tin tuna with half a table spoon lite mayo. 3 Cherie tomatoes sliced in half with cucumber wheels

After lunch:
2x CLA 1000′s

16:00 – 2 Phedra Cut Ultra Xt

16:30 – Diet Fuel Serving

30 min befire lunch:
2 Phedra Cut SF

100 gram steamed fish, was delicious I bought simply steam fish Italian Cheese and herb flavour. (When I saw the fish I though, no it’s impossible I have to compare the fat etc because it came in a sauce but the simply steam was a.o.k! Whoop whoop no more dry fish for me. This comes in a pack with 4 x 100g portions so it is perfect.
Half cup mixed veggies
Cucumber wheels

After dinner:
2x CLA 1000′s
1 Cup Decaf Coffee (First one in weeks)

I hope everyone had a awesome weekend and that you are excited with me for the new week coming up.

You CAN have a clean cheat free week, stay focussed on your goal and I believe we won’t regret this lifestyle change.

N.B Don’t see this challenge as a diet  see this as a lifestyle change.



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