Journal for Day 4:

Today was a typical Sunday, lazy and not doing much. I was in bed most of the afternoon, after I took a Corex for flu I went straight to bed. Sleep is always the answer for getting better!

Well I must say I’m feeling much better and I’m excited for the week ahead…

I did my planning for the week and this is how it looks like training wise:

Morning: Weight training day 1

Morning General Cardio – gym
Evening: Action Netball

Morning: Weight training day 2
Evening: Zumba – Cardio

Evening: Action Netball

Morning: Weight training day 3

Morning: Zumba

I decided to slightly adjust my gym program “weights” and now my mind is set and I’m ready to go full steam.

It is obvious that my success for this challenge is in my training program and obviously the nutrition part as well. My goal is to loose around 8kg. When I weighed two weeks ago I was 55.8 this morning I was 53.6! I will see how it goes weight wise for I am more set on fat percentage results if I can be toned to a professional level I don’t care if I compromise on the kilos…

What is your view on this, what are your goals? Please share with me.

I’m looking forward to this week and always remember to take one step at a time…We always look for instant overnight transformation but that is not possible. This challenge is perseverance! Keep your mind set on your goal at all times.

Day 4 Eating:

Wake up 2 Phedra Cut Ultra XT with lukewarm water

Breakfast Meal 1:
Half cup wholewheat pronutro with water (I had this before we went to the Wimpy, there was not power in town from 6:00 this morning, only had a still water at Wimpy with lemon)

After breakfast:
2 CLA pure 1000

Mid-morning meal 2
10:00 Diet Fuel Ultralean shake 1 scoop
1 Small green apple

30 min before lunch 1 Phedra Cut Ultra XT+ 1 Phedra Cut SF

Lunch meal 3:
1 Slice 100% Rye bread with half a tin tuna with half a table spoon lite mayo. 3 Cherie tomatoes sliced in half with one leave lettuce and cucumber wheels. Same as yesterday.

After lunch: 2 CLA 1000

16:30 Diet fuel shake
2 Phedra cut SF

Lots of water…

30min before dinner: 1 Phedra Cut Ultra SF

Lean mince + Stir fry veggies mixed in mince – altogether 120grams
4 Cherrie tomatoes + cucumber
Small glass Coke Zero

After dinner:
2 x CLA 1000

Visit the USN site; for the Calorie Chart this will give you a nice variation on foods. You don’t have to eat skinless chicken/tuna everyday you can differentiate on your options. I will work out my menu for this week! It is important not to get bored with your menu.

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