Journal for Day 3:

Journal for Day 3:

Ok so I woke up this morning and guess what, man down with the flu bug argh! So my Zumba class was not an option but hey with 2 Phedra cut tablets I was ready to be super spring clean women lol. Have you seen the movie There is something about Mary? Well I was like that lady almost lifting the furniture with one hand ;-). Energized while feeling sick…Although this lasted only for a few hours when I really started feeling sick. Eyes that are burning and glands that feels like tennis balls is not a great way to start the challenge. But hey all positive and trust I will feel better in no time! Just jealous to see my hubby go to gym leaving me behind :-(!

Have to say my arms are rather sore today from yesterday’s session…

We went for dinner with the family but I am proud to say that I ordered a sirloin 200g but cut it in half and had a 100g with a little bit of salad… Didn’t want to eat the salad for they poured salad dressing over it after I said grilled meat, no basting, salt and salad without any dressing! I decided for a reward I will have some USN protein desert. Don’t really eat chocolate but hey if you have a sweet tooth you have to compromise somewhere ;-).

I must honestly say that I have never been so motivated about something in my entire life! I have always wanted to look like a Jamie Eason and the time has come to work hard for it and to maintain it… People can be so unsupportive without realizing it. Have to say that this challenge is 101% for myself and I must be honest that people can laugh at me and say it is impossible to look good I don’t care, they are actually the ones reminding me of how bad I want to live a healthy lifestyle. To be someone who is energized, filled with confidence and just be overall healthier!

Have you ever felt like this?

Follow this link to read more and get some fantastic advice, training plans:

I have so much energy already. Even though I only really started on Thursday I already started with the basic eating plan some two weeks ago… Now just to shake of the flu I am so excited to get in the gym…

Hope you are enjoying the weekend so far, Potchefstroom don’t have any power tomorrow from 6:00-20:00! So I will make sure to charge my iPad and laptop tonight to keep me busy tomorrow.

And some time on the driving range won’t hurt can work on my swing and some putting. 😉

What have you been up to this weekend so far?

Day 3:

Wake up 2 Phedra Cut Ultra XT with lukewarm water

Breakfast Meal 1:

Half a cup Kellogg’s All Bran flakes with just enough fat free milk to cover. (This tasted like a full English Breakfast, after two weeks of dry water oats)mmmmm.

After breakfast:

2 CLA pure 1000

Mid-morning meal 2

10:00 – 1 serving Diet Fuel Ultralean with 300ml water

Small orange

30 min before lunch 1 phedra cut ultra xt

Lunch meal 3: 13:30

1 Slice 100% Rye bread with half a tin tuna with half a table spoon lite mayo. 3 Cherie tomatoes sliced in half with one leave lettuce and cucumber wheels. Was delicious!

After lunch: 2 CLA 1000

15:30 – 2x Phedra Cut Ultra XY

16:00 – Pure Protein Shake

Lots of water throughout the day…

Dinner: (Dros)

100g Grilled Sirloin Steak

Little bit of Salad

Water with lemon

Gym: I wanted to do a Zumba class this morning but had to cancel for it is to risky to gym when having a flu.

Cheerio of to bed now!

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