Journal for Day 1:

Today is my first day of the 12 week challenge and I am excited and nervous at the same time. ..I must be honest with you by admitting that there are so many thoughts going through my head. Can I do this, what if I fail, what if…I decided to replace all those what if’s with IF… I just again realized that it is so important to replace every negative thought with at least two positive thoughts! Don’t let your mind stand in the way of your success.

Even though it is important to not to be in denial about the challenges a lifestyle change brings, it is going to be tough in the beginning to get used to the new lifestyle but I believe it is so worth it at the end. Remember now; your body is use to snacking on anything you get your hands on. Chocolates, cookies and occasionally a healthy fruit! A new diet/lifestyle will be something to get used to. HEALTHY snacking from now on!

The 12 week challenge requires that you take a photograph on the first day of your challenge with a local newspaper to be proof of your actual start date. My sister Mashinke came over this afternoon to take my before photograph…I was just shocked once again when I saw myself in that bikini in which I felt so comfortable in a year or two ago…Seeing this photograph just made me realize again how bad I really want to reach the end of this 12 week challenge.

This is one the most embarrassing thing to do but hey that is why this blog is for to help each other with the transformation of a 12 Week Rapid Fat Loss Challenge.

The before - all about to change...

The before - all about to change...

Have you ever felt the will to want something so bad but at the same time knowing you have to work so hard for it but that everything will be worth it at the end? It is so easy to neglect our bodies without even realizing it at the time, and then before you know it you are in the position you’re in with hardly any self-confidence.

Tonight was action netball on my program; this is what I do for fun and to do something different from gym. We train twice a week Tuesday and Thursday and this is really so much fun. If possible get yourself an activity outside of gym or something you enjoy doing even though we love gym as well ;-). Whether it’s going for a walk, a jog, mountain biking or whatever it is, this is just a good distraction from everyday routine.

I realized today that this challenge needs planning when it comes to your food. I would say it’s better to plan a week ahead because before you know it you are not home at times or on the run. So keep this in mind and always make sure to have an apple or a shake close by.

Tonight I had skinless chicken with some carrots and mixed veggies. To share something funny:  I put on the steamer and after 15 minutes of trying to figure out why nothing is happening I realized I never plugged it in ;-). The timer goes but nothing was happening hehe!

This is it for tonight. Please do share your thoughts and experiences on this blog…We can only help each other!

Breakfast Meal 1:

2 x Phedra Cut XT tablets

1 Packet Oats with water

After breakfast: 2 CLA 1000 soft gels

Mid-Morning Meal 2: 10:00

Diet fuel serving (shake) and a small green apple

Lunch Meal 3: 13:00

1 Slice 100% rye bread with lettuce and half a tin plain tuna

After lunch: 2 CLA 1000 capsules

I had lots of water throughout the day.

Hour befor Meal 4: 15:30 1X Phedra Cut XT

Mid-Afternoon Meal: 16:30

1 scoop diet fuel Ultralean with water

20:30 Dinner: (too late) must try to eat before 19:00

1 Skinless Chicken

Half a cup carrots

Half a cup mixed veggies

After Dinner: 2 CLA 1000 capsules

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