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A beautiful day – 8 January 2014

What a beautiful special day. Today 1 year ago I gave birth to my beautiful princess girl…I have tears of joy when I think about the year that went by so fast and I feel so blessed to celebrate this day as a proud mommy. 


My life has changed so much over the year that I don’t even have words to share the journey.

There is one thing though and that is that being a mommy is the most rewarding, amazing, biggest blessing there can ever be. She is the sunshine in my life. From the moment I hold her close to my heart I experienced a love that I can never explain in words.

It’s been a bumpy year here and there personally but with her in my life everyday was so worth getting up and giving motherhood my all.

I’m not only her mommy but believe her best friend. We have each other and that is what I LIVE FOR! We do EVERYTHING together.

This post is dedicated to all the mommies out there and all the soon to be parents; Cherish every second with your little ones, they grow up so fast!

 Celebrating life! I love you BOO you are an amazing special girl and the biggest blessing I could have EVER asked for. 



Her birthday party is on Saturday and the Theme I decided on is Hello Kitty, this is the invite I designed for her :-), its in Afrikaans for those who don’t have a clue what is written on it 😉


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