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So who followed the 2013 Masters Tournament? I did and oh my with the schedule times like it was I did not get allot of sleep in the last few days 🙂 but oh well so worth it!

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Well first of all I’m a Tiger Woods fan/supporter call it whatever you like and I really hoped for him to make a comeback to win The Masters. Again I learned something out of this TW incorrect drop on the 15th hole…And what did I learn – People can criticize and make accusations at an instance but hey give it a break! Anyways I’m not going into detail I still think he is an exceptional sportsman with great style and tact…

Well he didn’t win and so it is time to congratulate Adam Scott. He is the first Aussie to win the Masters! Adam Scott super talented and always keeping his “cool”!

The smile with the green jacket on speaks a thousand words in itself!

Way to go…



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