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Your trainer for the next 12 Weeks…

Hi everyone, I have decided to stick to the log sheets I designed for the LIVEFIT trainer 12 Week Transformation. This is an excellent program to combine with any healthy / nutritional balanced diet and you WILL get results…

I inserted the notes from Jamie Eason on each day for I think it is important information and good for motivation.

Click on the links and you will be directed to the download page:
Phase 1:
Phase 2:
Phase 3:

Important information: IF you are starting out in Phase 1 make sure to add at least 30-45min of cardio every second day.

The intensity level (i.e. the amount of weight you should aim to lift) should be 60% of what you think would be your maximum effort. Your last repetition of the 10 should be difficult but possible to complete with tight rather than sloppy form. If it’s too easy, increase the weight. Too hard? Decrease it. You’re probably champing at the bit to shape up, which is great, but don’t go overboard by doing too much (volume, intensity, etc.) too soon.

This can lead to excessive muscle soreness and possibly over training. Stick with the program. It works!

Its a great way to stay motivated and to track your progress when you have Log Sheets. Get a file with plastic bags and take out your sheet for the required day…


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