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Training week 19.09.2011 – 25.09.2011

Whoop whoop my week targets was achieved and finally no overtraining message 🙂

Date: 19.09.2011 – 25.09.2011
Duration: 09:37 hours for the week
Calories: 3032 kcal
Feedback: Congratulations, you’ve certainly earned your trophy! Your training for the week was superb.
You met the set targets in the best possible way, and therefore you can be assured to be on the right track achieving your long-term goal.
Advice: Carry on the outstanding work by training according to the given targets and keep your trophy!


Date: 12.09.2011 – 18.09.2011

12.09.2011 - 18.09.2011

Date: 12.09.2011 – 18.09.2011

Duration: 10:48 hours for the week
Calories: 3622 kcal
Feedback: You seem to like training quite hard. However, the program you’ve chosen in fact requires less!
Advice: Watch out for over-training. This week, train less in zone 3.

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