Okay so let me try again…Weeks have passed since the birth of my little angel girl Kaylen born on the 8th of January 2013.


As a result of being pregnant I gained a shocking amount of weight. To be exact 22kg. The morning I went in for delivery I weighed 73kg. When I found out I was pregnant April 2012 I weighed in at 51kg (I had to gain weight from 48kg to be able to get pregnant for my weight/fat percentage was to low at the time).

I went from this: 45.7KG


To this in 9 months: 73 KG


I have to admit I hated being pregnant, feeling the way I did. Some people LOVE being pregnant and the way their bodies change but it wasn’t for me!

Since the day I got out of the hospital I made a mindful decision to get straight back on my clean eating. I couldn’t start training with my cesarean and had to wait 6-8 weeks on recovery! So my wound healed but still NO GYM. Allot has happened since and I got separated with my husband and so the story goes on. To get to the bottom of it – Getting to gym was almost impossible and there was always excuses of how difficult it is – which it is. I just didn’t have the time as a first time “single” parent to manage my schedule and everything that goes with it not even to mention the lack of sleep!

25 February 2013: 65KG

Before (2)

Currently this is where I’m at :-(: 20 May 2013 – 55.7KG


BUT today is the day that I decided it is TIME. Being unfit and in bad shape really got to me this last couple of months! I want to look and feel my best. No more excuses or what ifs it is now TIME!

So fat measurements was done today and the horrible BEFORE pics was. Remember for someone that use to be in “top” shape this is a huge thing to share or make public but I’m going to do this for one reason and that is to help others and to motivate myself in the process…I am so embarrassed about the weight I gained and can go on about my under-active thyroid and medication being wrong etc but I’M DONE WITH EXCUSES…


I have allot of water retention, cellulite etc and this will require hard work and dedication like never before!

I will try to share my journey on a daily basis but I cant make any promises as I mentioned before to do this will take allot of dedication and time.

What I have learned from my previous challenge is not to allow your mind to stand in the way of reaching your goals. “Weight loss is more than a physical challenge, its a mental challenge.”


I’m so glad about the Whatsapp group that I started – This is a great way to motivate and inspire each other! Get someone that can help you or motivate you when things get tough!

So being able to track progress I started of with a before pic and this will follow by taking progress pics every second week with fat %!

I was SO shocked today when I saw myself on the photographs. I almost burst into tears. I took a moment to realize where I’m at but then I knew I had to change my way of thinking to where I’m heading at.

So if you feel discouraged before you even started don’t worry I know how it feels but we just have to be positive and believe in ourselves.

Please do share your story on your weight loss journey I would love to hear more about it.

You can even email your story to and we can motivate and inspire each other together.

I trained Chest & Tricepst today – Started with Jamie Easons Livefit trainer. What an amazing program to follow she is a role model and I’m so inspired by her.


So lets do this!

Have a super day

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  1. Claudine! Thank you for sharing this story! I am so sorry to hear about you and your husband! I am sure this will just make you stronger than you already are!

    I did the USN challenge with Expresso and was so happy with my results and finally I got a body I was happy with … then … I fell pregnant! Totally unplanned and was a major shock to my system! I feel bad because I am not the glowing, happy pregnant woman most say they are … obviously I am so grateful to be lucky enough to soon become a parent but the effect it has on my body is horrible and I feel like I am letting myself down … does that sound strange? I always said I would eat healthy & exercise often if I fell pregnant but I can only seem to manage my dance class once a week and the healthy eating doesn’t appeal to me … I thought that I would make healthier choices seeing as it was such hard work to get into shape previously but I only seem to stomach the naught things! Did you feel the same during your pregnancy?


  2. PS. You lost 10kg in 3 months … I think you should be super proud of yourself!! It can not be easy trying to juggle a hectic life as well as trying to get fit. I think you have done so well and are such an inspiration!


  3. Well done my brave friend! Inspired!


  4. Jennilynn I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I went through exactly the same throughout my pregnancy! Don’t condemn yourself – Every person is different. Some love being pregnant and the way their bodies change and others dont and it is okay to feel that way.

    I know how it feels to work so so hard for your desired body and then to see it change in ways you never thought possible. My advice today is just to not give in to 2 much junk food. It is not worth gaining 20+ kg believe me today you will only regret it later like I do. I didnt really eat that bad but my thyroid medication was WAY UNDER the desired amount I had to take! How far along are you? Good luck with everything and you will get back into shape post pregnancy!


  5. Thanks so much! Makes me feel better! Junk food was all I wanted in the first tri but now I am craving veggies & protein which is much better option 😉 I am almost 17 weeks…

    I hope this is a successful challenge! You do it and prove all those that are doubtful, wrong! Make your daughter proud! xx


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