Set goals today…

Ok so week 1 of 12 is complete and what a challenge!

I have learned allot in this week, with the new training program and diet! I have been struggling with a few things going on in my head. I have hundreds of questions going through my mind every day. Is my diet clean, do I eat too much or too little, will I gain fat or only muscle, does it work for me, what is my goal, will I compete on stage, is this the year for me and Ian to try for a “little” one…So the list can go on and on!

Friends, there is nothing more distractive than not having set goals and that is why I want to encourage you to take the time to set goals. Set realistic and sustainable goals. Whether it is to lose 10kg or to gain some muscle and lean out, just to live a general happier/healthier lifestyle or whatever your goal is write it down and put it where it’s visible!

Once you have a goal get a plan…A goal without a plan on reaching your goal is just a wish! I started the USN 12 Week Total Body Transformation Challenge on the 18th August 2011, probably a date that I will never ever forget. That was the first day towards a better and healthier lifestyle!!!

I have lost 8.70kg in 12 weeks and 15.08% of fat. My life is CHANGED and I will never look back! I can tell you today you absolutely do have the power to change, you can do it and you will never look back. I am in better shape today than I have EVER been in my entire life.

What is it that I am trying to say? Whether it’s the USN Challenge / LiveFit trainer or any program or challenge whatsoever you must make sure that it works for you and that it will become a part of your lifestyle and not a temporary quick fix!

I don’t see this as a 12 week miracle worker and then a slow release back to the old you…I’m saying you must make the choice TODAY; if that is what you want go for it!

I’m currently training once a day for approximately 1 hour and NO cardio. Now let me tell you I feel horrible. I’m so passionate about lifting weights/mountain biking/training/cardio/running and almost forgot that for a moment and needed to get back to the point of answering myself why I love it so much. I just realized that because this is a complete lifestyle change/challenge you must make it sustainable! This is something that must be maintained for the rest of your life! I’m not saying you will never have a sweet again etc NO that is not the point. The point is you need to get to a place mentally knowing where you’re heading towards and then to focus on your end goal but without missing the journey towards a new you…

Working out is such a big part of my life and I feel so much healthier and energized thereafter. There is nothing better than the feeling of being happy with whom you are. We easily condemn ourselves but where are all those compliments towards yourself when you achieve a goal or when you make the healthiest choices.

Go today or tonight and sit down and think about your goal for a moment and come back and share your thoughts, mission and vision.

Until tomorrow…

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Brand and Marketing Manager | Hotel General Manager | BA Graphic Design and; Multimedia | Higher Diploma in Photography | USN Ambassador | Lifestyle Athlete | Trifocus Fitness Academy Ambassador | Studying to become an accredited Life Coach | Busy with Personal Training Diploma | USN 12 Week Challenge Contestant | Proud mother | Passionate about healthy living, being fit and an inspiration to others

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