What a week!

Hi everyone so how is your week so far? Sorry if I was a little scarce on the blogging side of things but I have to honestly admit, this to me was a tough week! I don’t know what is going on with me but I had a tough week emotionally…

I believe everyone experience a “downer” of a week/day sometime or another! I have trained this week but let me tell you I need to push myself to be in the mood or have the energy this week. Your mind is so powerful so you need to take the action towards the best thinking patterns! Even though I made 100’s of excuses today not to go to gym I decided to get up and go. I always feel better afterwards!

Is there anyone out there that has been following a specific training program / diet for a required time that reached the end of a specific goal or timeframe? Are you at a place where you wonder about some things like what is the next step after this? What Diet / Supplementation / Training Program should I follow etc? Well this is normal and I experience some uncertainty at times myself.

This is why I started this blog initially, for others to share some advice, experiences or even some helpful resources. It does not seem as if this blog is very interactive and it is sad in a way for this was what I wanted it to become! A portal where not only I share some information but where people can ask questions and get together online to help/motivate each other!! What is your view on this?

I love being an inspiration to some but let me tell you the truth; anyone out there sometimes needs encouragement or motivation from friends, family etc. I don’t care what fitness, bodybuilders, models can sometimes makes us believe; everyone goes through a patch at one time or another.

Don’t tell me you will never crave another sweet, chocolate or chips??I think that is impossible. I was the one that was so 101% set on clean eating not ever thinking it’s possible to have a cheat. But oh no that little hidden sweet tooth came out where it was deep down hidden ;-).

I was VERY VERY tired today and felt like eating the entire time! It was horrible and at the end I did give in to little chocolate speckled eggs and 1 fire ball and some butternut sweets! I just couldn’t anymore. That was what I craved and loved every little bit of it! For the first time I did not feel condemned for not sticking to 100% clean eating. I just realized it is important to sometimes give yourself a break…

Well I will post soon and would love your comments on how your week has been.



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  1. Baie dankie vir jou inspirerende woorde. Jy weet dit nie eers nie maar jy maak ‘n verskil in my lewe!! Johann, Stefan en ek probeer nog sterk staan, ons is nou in week 6 en dis tuff maar baie lekker as die klere begin losser sit!! Ek glo dat dit moeilik is as mens by jou “doel” gekom het – sterkte vir jou. Delene


    • Vreeslik dankie vir die comment Delene. Julle moet uithou en aanhou. Jy begin baie mooi vorm en definisie kry in jou arms. Ek hou julle dop ;-). Sterkte en as daar ooit iets is vra gerus. Begin draf dan gaan doen ons ‘n run saam lol.Lekker dag


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