Time for holiday!

Hi everyone, so how was your weekend? Let me start at the confessing part. I had a horrible cheat day on Saturday!

On the one hand I’m glad it happened and on the other I felt so condemned…Have you felt this way before? It’s terrible…I had sushi,2 cup cakes, 5 caramel vodka shooters (I’m not even a drinker) and to top it all of a real traditional plate of food… It was my sisters 30’th birthday party on Saturday and it was held at the hotel so you can imagine the buffet…

But I must say after that my mind was so set on what was to come that I was so over every single craving I could even think off!

As mentioned I got flue like symptoms since Friday so I could not gym on Saturday but believe me after my bad eating I hit the gym first thing Sunday morning. I had an amazing session and just realized once again how good it felt to be active and in the gym… This is really such a passion and I love every moment spent in the gym! It use to be an obligation at times in the past but now it is such a big part of me.

Now the exciting and good news: I visited the USN head office yesterday to drop of my passport and what an amazing experience. When I arrived I was so overwhelmed by the moment and could once again not believe how far I have come in the last 12 weeks. With the help of USN supplementation I reached my goal that I once thought will only be a dream. I have met Gareth – He was truly the one person guiding me throughout this challenge! What a true inspirational guy to look at if you want to see true passion towards his occupation and what he does. I believe he is changing one person at a time through his knowledge and advice.

And then……I got the news….that made my year. They approached me to be the face of a product launching in January. What a true honor. I believe in this product wholeheartedly and it will be an honor for me to testify how it changed my life or to be the face of such a campaign.

I can tell you today that I will never ever look back and from here on forward my focus will be to only look better, reaching people, helping others reach their full potential. I believe that every woman/man out there need to look and feel their best. Everyone deserves it.

I get allot of questions about nutrition, abs, training etc and will post in detail about this.

I can tell you one thing good nutrition is absolutely key to a better physique. This is not a quick fix and it will require hard work and much dedication. This is a mind shift and lifestyle change. Yes it will be a challenge but take the first step today, for I promise you today you won’t regret making that decision.

So we are on our way on holiday and I can’t wait to sit on the beach…I got some special immune booster capsules from USN so hopefully the flu symptoms will disappear.

They said I must take this week to rest and just have a good time but there is no way I can’t go to the gym or have a nice jog along the beach.

I have my yoga mat packed my ab roller and my kettle ball so I have enough to keep me busy with. We were visitors at a gym club in Centurion last night! Nothing like your home branch. Did not know where the equipment is, the weights is diferent everything is just different. Amazing how use to our environment and the regulars in the gym we get.

I tried to look for a gym in ballito do you perhaps know of one? If so please leave a comment here.

Have a super day.


About lifestylechallenges

Brand and Marketing Manager | Hotel General Manager | BA Graphic Design and; Multimedia | Higher Diploma in Photography | USN Ambassador | Lifestyle Athlete | Trifocus Fitness Academy Ambassador | Studying to become an accredited Life Coach | Busy with Personal Training Diploma | USN 12 Week Challenge Contestant | Proud mother | Passionate about healthy living, being fit and an inspiration to others

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  1. Hi Claudine

    Geniet j vakansie jy verdien dit,ek weet daar is n gym 20min van Balito af in Stanger (The Gym) is die plek se naam .

    Hier is die nommer ,032 552 2779
    As ons da vakansie hou het ek al daar gaan gym R30 n dag en R250 vi d mnd wat ek laas kan onthou ons was feb daar……bietjie anders as die dorp sin,maar hulle kan moontlik by nou al bietjie modern wees….

    Maar niks beat draf op die strand nie……..


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