Journal day 12: 29 August 2011

Today is Monday and training wise I did Hamstrings, Gluteus and Lower back. I am getting the hang of it now so it’s starting to be more fun as well!

Food wise again cheat free with no cravings at all. I must say that if there is one thing that I would LOVE to have it will be a packet of Vinegar Simba Chips or a Cappuccino.  But I must honestly say that since the healthy eating I get a lot less cravings than I usually did. I really do love sweets, chips and lots of potatoes… If I can eat a big “slap chips” every day I would be happy, but again my body and health won’t be happy. So NO it is not worth it.

I was the biggest fast food supporter out there that I can tell you. So if I can do this I promise you you CAN do it!

You have to believe in yourself in this challenge and if you are still thinking about it, don’t think no more. This will be the best investment in your life ever. Not only a healthier body but a healthier you.

The feedback and service from USN is exceptional and you can email them anytime for advice or more info. Visit their site

Wake up: 2 Phedra Cut Ultra XT

Gym: Today was Legs
Calories: 400 kcal
Calculated fat: 30%
Duration: 66 min
Average heart: 139 Maximum: 173
Fat burn and fitness improving

Breakfast Meal 1:
1 Serving Pure Protein Shake
1 Oatso Easy with water

2x CLA 1000 Capsules

Mid-morning meal 2
1 Small Green Apple

30 min before lunch 2 Phedra cut ultra XT’s

Lunch meal 3:
Believe it or not Tuna on rye bread with Cherry tomatoes and cucumber and half a table spoon light mayo.

After lunch:
2 CLA 1000 Capsules

15:30 – 2 Phedra Cut XT’s Capsules

16:00 – Diet Fuel Ultra lean shake

Before Dinner: 2 x Phedra cut SF

Chicken fillet skinless steamed (I wasn’t hungry at all got home too late so this was all I had!

After dinner:
2 x CLA 1000’s Capsules

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Brand and Marketing Manager | Hotel General Manager | BA Graphic Design and; Multimedia | Higher Diploma in Photography | USN Ambassador | Lifestyle Athlete | Trifocus Fitness Academy Ambassador | Studying to become an accredited Life Coach | Busy with Personal Training Diploma | USN 12 Week Challenge Contestant | Proud mother | Passionate about healthy living, being fit and an inspiration to others

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