More about myself:

img_2541-e1501924948700.jpgHi everyone, my name is Claudine and welcome to my blog.

I’m a mommy to a beautiful girl named Kaylen, the one who inspire me to always be my BEST.

I’m PASSIONATE about health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and photography only to mention a few. I studied BA Graphic Design & Multimedia and after years in the Corporate World as a Senior Designer and Working at a Creative Design Agency I eventually ended up as a Brand & Marketing Manager for a Group consisting of two Hotels and a Game Lodge. I’m now the General Manager of a Four Star Hotel and living my passion part time as a Health & Fitness Enthusiast…

I’m a proud USN Ultimate Sport Nutrition Ambassador / Lifestyle Athlete and an Ambassador for Trifocus Fitness Academy. I’m currently studying to become an Accredited Life Coach and busy with my Personal Training Diploma.

The reason why I started this blog was to share my personal weight loss & fitness journey with others. I soon realized the demand there was for people who want to lose weight and has a desire to live a healthier life. Most are overwhelmed on the journey ahead with so many information out there. I’m an ordinary mom, full time career women who can relate to living a life that demands so much of your time that you can easily become distracted from what matters most – YOU. I’m here to share, motivate and inspire you on your journey ahead.

If you have any questions whatsoever please email me at: lifestylechallenges@gmail.com

A healthy lifestyle will make you feel more energetic and better about yourself believe me today, YOU CAN DO IT!

  1. Hi Claudine. I myself started the body for life challenge a little while ago as i needed a lifestyle change. Well more of a lifestyle detox. I admire you completely and understand that the word challenge is truely the correct word to use. To be able to change a lifestyle and keep it going is not easy but with everything in life comes a true challenge. Good luck for the rest of challenge. May you achieve everything that you wish. I will definately be following you from now on as some days I honestly feel like i cant do it any more, but as said in the words of Roger Staubach “It comes down to perseverance and resiliency”. All the best, Sharon


    • Hi Sharon, well done on starting the challenge I believe this is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, by living a healthier lifestyle. Thank you so much for the message and together we can all motivate each other on those “down” days. We will look back at the end and realize that all the hard work and perseverance was so worth it!


  2. Hi Claudine! Baie geluk met jou vordering! Jy lyk regtig goed! Wil by jou weet? Is jy op die training program wat op die website is? of is jy op USN se training program?


    • Hi Riette, vreeslik dankie vir die boodskap. Ek het aanvanklik begin met die USN program soos wat hul verskaf maar het oorgegaan na ‘n 12 week program van Jamie Eason. Jy sal sien ek post elke dag wat ek die dag gedoen het. Dit is werklik ‘n fantastiese program veral vir vroue wat nog nie weight training gedoen het nie. Die oefeninge progress soos wat jy aangaan en eerste keer wat ek werklik confident is met dit wat ek doen. Doen jy die Challenge?


  3. Hi Claudine! Dankie vir jou boodskap! Ek het met die challenge begin, gebruik ook die supplements wat ek love! Al ding net met die training program, ek is nie eintlik gewoont aan weight training nie, al weet ek dit is baie goed vir jou een gee jou lean muscle, ek is bietjie onkundig as dit by weigths kom, en as ek dan in die gym moet rond loop en soek watter aparaat ek moet doen en wattergewigte moet ek gebruik, dan los ek dit want ek is bang ek lyk soos ‘n hoender met ‘n afkop in die gym 😉 en dan gaan ek maar weer oor na cardio wat ek goed ken.

    Maar ek wil graag weigth training doen want ek weet dit gee jou sexy spiere wat ek graag wil he!!! Ek was 3 maande op n gewone gesond eet dieet, en cardio oefeninge, en het 18kg in 3 maande verloor! Ek is nou tans 75kg, en nou wil ek graag my spiere mooi ferm en sexy kry!!! Maar ek weet nie hoe nie????

    Wat stel jy voor? Ek wil nie bou nie, ek wil net graag my spiere ferm maak en tussen tyd nogsteeds gewig ook verloor. Ek wil graag in die 60 weeg met ‘n goeie vet persentasie ( waar mens jou six pack kan sien 🙂 )
    wat is hierdie Jamie Eason prograg? Se dit presies vir jou wat jy moet oefen op watter dag ens?
    En beskryf dit ook die oefeninge?

    Ek love spinning, en die spinning gogga het my nou weer gebyt! Kan ek oefeninge soos spinning saam met die program dan ook doen?

    Baie dankie vir jou hulp en terugvoer. As jy my wil mail, kan jy my mail na riettemarais@hotmail.com
    as dit dalk makliker gaan wees! Baie dankie vir jou hulp!!! Waardeer dit regtig baie en lekker om met iemand te praat wat dieselle taal as ek praat as dit by oefen kom! 🙂

    Lekker daggie!!!



  4. Hi Riette, well done met jou fantastiese resultate sover. Ek het vir jou ‘n email gestuur :-). Lekker dag vir jou


  5. Claudine, I remember I saw your blog around the time you hit week 6 and forgot to subscribe. I just re-found it and you look amazing! Way to go! Your blog is awesome with all this great information and inspiration. Thank you :]


  6. Hi Claudine! Wow – what an inspirational blog you have! I am super motivated to shed some kilos and get my fitness back on track (after a few years of horrible neglect), but now I’m a bit confused about which way to go. Should I just stick to the USN 12-week eating- and training plan? Or should I go with the Livefit training and eating plan (still using some USN supplements)? Basically – which, in your opinion, is the simplest (not necessarily easiest!) and most effective over 12 weeks? Thanks so much for being a HUGE inspiration! 🙂


    • Hi Karina thank you for you message and sorry for the late reply. I will recommend following the USN 12 Week Body Makeover Eating plan and recommended supplements combined with the LiveFit Trainer (You can download this from my site). This is what I did and the results was amazing in both my transformations (pre&post pregnancy).

      The USN Diet is amazing to use as a foundation towards your new lifestyle. Use it as a guide or decide to commit for 12 Weeks and follow the plan to the T. Good luck & welcome back to being fit and healthy 😉


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