Monday 31 October 2011 – Day 75

Hello everyone, so how was your Monday? My day started off with an awesome gym session.

Diet for the day:

1/3 Oats

8 Raw Almonds

1 Serving Whey Protein

10:00 Serving – 1 Serving Whey Protein


1 Tin Tuna with a big green salad

Late afternoon after gym 18:00 – One serving whey protein


100 gram steamed fish

1 Cup Mixed Steam It Green Veggies with cauliflower and broccoli and beans

Cucumber Slices

Half Avo

1 Small Peach – Just had to

Before bed – 1 Serving Pure Protein IGF-1

Ok everyone so as you all know by now I am in the de-carb phase of the challenge, that means cutting out unnecessary carbohydrates. Some things that changed is: No more rye bread, potato or starch in the afternoon, no more “1” small glass coke zero from here, no more coffee/fat free milk/xylitol. Only green veggies as far as possible, green beans, asparagus or broccoli, no more spices or the occasional drop of Nandos pepper sause ;-). Have to confess I just can’t seem to cut the salt and vinegar spice although I know I absolutely HAVE TO!

Less red meat and more Tuna/Fish and Skinless Chicken Breasts oh and no more sushi for now. If I really crave sushi it has to be in the afternoon. NO SALT or sodium rich foods.

When de-carb – You will feel tired, depleted and fatigued, but you force your system to burn fat. This is an uncomfortable, but very essential part of getting the best physique. Cardio will be particularly uncomfortable as you have very low energy levels.

In general: I’m really starting to see drastic changes in my body and I realize that the end of the competition is in sight and I am actually sad about it. Hehe. Just the thought of doing a competition can drive you more towards your goal than you think. But that is definitely not the end of my journey. This new lifestyle and passion for fitness, my blog and by being and inspiration to others will definitely not stop there.

I started this blog from day one firstly to keep myself accountable but more so to reach other people. Helping others, being an inspiration and to have a portal where all with the same goals/fitness goals etc can come together and can share some stories/advice or by being an inspiration to each other.

If there is anything you would like to know more about please let me know and I will make sure we get it done.

People are starting to ask me questions and this is definitely something to get use to! The supplement sales rep at Dischem actually asked me if I won’t consider competing in the fitness industry! Well that question came unexpected but let me tell you one thing it got me thinking! I realized during the challenge how much I really do enjoy this. Even though I have been active most of my life by playing sports, trained etc I never did it right! I thought I’m living a healthy lifestyle but I never really did. I thought I had my health under control but I never did, I thought I had my general well being under control but I never really did…What I am trying to say is that even though I thought I’m living a rather healthy lifestyle I did the opposite. The convenience of drive thru restaurants, take always, quick and easy options is on the rise and believe me I know how convenient it is. You won’t feel all bad in the beginning, you won’t pick up weight in the first month, you won’t have immediate health alerts but you can be sure that that will be the result in the wrong run. I don’t want to preach here and I don’t want to tell you to never have fast food again that is NOT the idea but as a walking testimony I want to encourage you to live/maintain a healthier lifestyle for the reward of the feelings you will experience is far beyond the effort of healthy living.

P.S I have measurements on Thursday…

The bottom line is: Live healthy and start making those small adjustments everyday!

Have a super amazing blessed week and I will be posting soon!

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  1. Ons het offisieel vandag met die challenge begin – natuurlik deur jou en jou sus geinspireer!! Daar is nog ‘n lang pad vir ons (deur Kersfees ook) maar ons is baie opgewonde en gemotiveer. Net ‘n vragie : wat is die verskil tussen Pure Protein IFG-1 en Pure Protein IFG-9?

    Sterkte vir die carb-less tyd!! Johann en Delene (PictureCafé)


    • Wow ek is sommer trots op julle. Dit is DIE beste besluit wat jul saam kon neem as dit kom by jul well being! Ek gaan hier in Engels comments sou iemand ook wonder: Your late evening shake should be a complex protein (6 proteins) such as USN Pure Protein IGF-1 ( IGF-9 and Hydro-6 have been discontinued, but may be available in the trade for a short period of time until stocks sell out). This complex protein source digests over a longer period of time, ensuring that you protect your lean muscle tissue during your sleep cycle, preventing catabolism and enhancing recovery. Take one scoop before you go to bed and you can even alternate between Pure Protein IGF-9 or the USN Protein Dessert. This is wonderful for those late night cravings. Sterkte met die Challenge julle 2!


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